We are 4 guys with a common interest; surfing. Three of us live in Bali and one in Sydney. We got our heads together and realised with our mixed knowledge and experience on a global level we could come up with an offer that a lot of our friends and their friends are looking for; great surf destinations, uncrowded breaks, insane waves, all managed and organised by a professional team for you.

World Surf Adventures is one site that covers a variety of surf orientated adventures in locations worldwide, but not just any and all; we’re using our collective experience have chosen the best of the best on all budget levels to be able offer you the surf adventure of a life time be it a land based surf camps, a luxurious surf resort to a magnificent boat charter.

We are experts at organising surfing holidays world wide.

We are all about delivering the most incredible surf adventures possible for you and your friends. Our aim is to give the best service available by offering customised surfing destinations, resorts, camps and surf villas that are going to deliver a surf experience like you have never had before. We take the hassle away and orgainse the lot for you.

World Surf Adventures is a surf destination company; a ‘go to’ website where like minded surfers can research, inquire and book their surfing holiday with full confidence that they are getting real value and real insight into what will be the best experience of their life.

We know what it’s like; you are surfing crowded waves in bad conditions and want to experience waves similar to those you see on YouTube, Instagram & surf documentaries. This is why you are on this website. To surf perfection and we will deliver this to you.

We have been to all these breaks before and know what the best of the best is; uncrowded perfection in tropical warm waters. Let us share our knowledge with you.

Let us book your ultimate surfing holiday: Mentawai’s, Bali, Java, Sumatra, Telos, Sumbawa, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mexico + so many more cool holiday spots

So if you are ready for a life changing surf experience get in touch with our reservation team today at World Surf Adventures. We will get back to you immediately. There is absolutely no waiting around.