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The isolated Banyak Islands are situated one degree north off the equator, off the west coast of Sumatra, between Simeulue and Nias Islands. The Banyak’s two main rain-forested islands are Tuangku and Bangkaru, with a scattering of smaller islands.

That’s the boring geography part. The interesting surfing bit is that Banyaks are in the same firing line of South Indian Ocean swells as the neighboring Mentawais, but are remote enough to be far, far away from the Mentawais’ maddening crowds. And the surf is just as good, with Banyaks boasting several of Indonesia’s top quality warm blue-water gems. With only a handful of surf charter boats and surf camps in the Banyaks, you’ll get your share of the waves you’ve always dreamed about and lusted over.

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Lefts and rights, long barrels and rippable ramps, easy cruisers and pure heart-in-your-throat juice: the Banyaks have got the lot.   You pull into a crystal clear barrel, and when you cruise out of the blue, you have the emerald rainforest as your background.   Since the Banyaks are in the equatorial zone, there are no trade winds to plague the surf breaks. Apart from short-lived storms (sometimes with spectacular lightning shows at night), winds are light and variable. There’s always a wave that’s either pure glass or offshore. If the wind switches, then you switch the surf spot.

The Banyaks breaks are sensitive to swell direction. To maximize your surf fun in quality waves, that’s where we at World Surf Adventures come in handy. Our surfing partners have years of experience in the Banyaks, and will put you in the right place and the right time.

As with the other offshore Sumatra islands, the Banyak’s peak surfing season coincides with the Southern Indian Ocean winter, May through September, when powerful lows blast across from South Africa to Western Australia, producing long period ground swells. Being on the equator, the Banyaks are not plagued by trade winds of the lower latitudes.

However, this Indian Ocean region of the world is one of the world’s longest and most consistent fetches, and almost any sort of storm activity will generate swell, including during the so called “off season” of November to April. There are more local storms during these months, but these usually pass quickly.The Banyaks gets heaps of good surf during these months, maybe not as big, but big enough and plenty of fun. Your World Surf Adventure partners know all the nooks and crannies.

We’ll just mention a couple to give you an idea of the quality of the waves that await you.

Treasure Island

On Bangkaru Island is one of Indonesia’s – the world’s — best right handers, a blue water jewel peeling down a long jungle-lined reef. Barrel sections mixed with rippable walls. This is a great spot which suits pretty much all levels. Any surfer who has scored Treasure Island has scored waves of a lifetime.

If the swell direction is not optimal for Treasure Island, then worry not. Your WSA partner will put you where the swell is breaking best.

If the ocean goes completely flat, there is always Babi Island, which picks up any swell rolling around in the ocean. A right-hander that’s almost always at least head high.

Lizards nest

A long right that can produce 10 Sec tubes when the swell is solid from the SSW. When you are there keep your eye our for the mysterious lizards nest. Best in a SSW swell, North winds & a mid-high tide. Hands up who wants to surf classic 10 second barrels? This place is just south of Palau Pinang and is a beautiful right hander. Definitely worth going to. The stories we hear and the feedback we get is seriously positive.


On the right swell direction Cobras can be long left hand barrel that is also a swell magnet. Great spot to go to when everywhere is small. Best with a SW swell, East winds and works on all tides. Across the channel there is Warrens which is a right-hand peak.


 A fun left-hand peak and a great wall that reels along the reef then onto a white sandy beach where the it is known where the turtles nest. Best with a SW swell, East winds & works on Tides.

Bay of plenty

 The Bay of Plenty has 2 lefts & a right which are very consistent.This is more of a left ( typical Indo), where you are going to get wave overkill. You will find that this place is not too crowded, which is why you are there in the first place. Go for it and rip it up!