Nias Island, situated 60 miles north of the equator off the west coast of Sumatra Island, exploded onto the world surfing scene in the mid-1970s, first as rumors and then as photographs of a gorgeous, jaw-dropping, barreling right-hander without a drop of water out of place as it booms down a tropical reef fringed by coconut palms.  Although the going was tough in the early days, surfers couldn’t get there fast enough.

Now it’s a lot easier.  But the Lagundri Bay Right is just the same – even better, after the 2005 earthquake.  Whereas before the wave needed size to barrel, now the uplifted reef catches smaller swells and sends them tubing down the line.  From 2 to 15 foot, it’s a perfect machine.  You can paddle out through the Keyhole without getting your hair wet, drop into a bomb, and exit in safe deep water with your hair still completely dry.

With such an iconic wave in one of the world’s richest wave zones, there is no lack of surfers seeking tube time, especially during peak season.  But don’t worry.  When it pumps, and pump it does, there’s plenty to go around. A single deep barrel can make your entire trip worth it, but you’re bound to get more than that, especially if you book with us at World Surf Adventures. We only work with the best and most experienced surf operators.

There’s more than just the Right, too. There are numerous waves in the region, something for whatever your surfing skill.  World Surf Adventures and our Nias partners have put in the time to scout out the region. We have the experience to know when and where it will be best.

As with the other Sumatran islands, the main surf season is May through September, when Southern Indian Ocean winter lows pump solid ground swells.Nias is consistently four foot plus, with plenty of ten foot days in the mix.

During the other months, Nias still gets plenty of swell, although generally smaller and more mellow, from 3 to 6 foot.  There’s also the odd cyclone swell that pushes in west swell up to six feet.   The wet season monsoon is September through November.

When you think Nias, you think of the famous right.
But there are more waves around, with waves for all levels. Here’s a sampler:

The Indicator

On the outside offers a high-tide challenge for the stout of heart.  Thick and fast and hollow.     Lots of surfers mind-surf it, few actually do.

The Machine

Only a quick ride on a scooter from the main beach, this wave is a fast, left-hand barrel.

Hilduha Village A-Frame

Offers a high-performance venue, with left and right barrels on tap.  Half an hour by car.


In the bay around the corner. A class left with ten second barrels on its day.  Thirty minutes  on foot or quicker by boat.  On large swells, another left starts to peel deeper in the bay.Suitable for all levels.


A big wave right-hander with shifting line-up.


Another performance wave.Great fun.

Beach-breaks/River Mouth  

Just down the way from the camps, great for beginners.

Is a world class left that is perfect and consistent providing big deep barrels and big walls to open up with gouging hacks &radical maneuvers. The wave holds 12ft+, breaks on all tides & is offshore when the devil winds blow from the South. The wave is also very fun when it is 3-5 ft giving you the opportunity to progress your surfing.

Is a short right that is very rippable and can barrel on the right conditions. This wave is suited for beginners & intermediate surfers.

A right hander that is located next to Bawa, it has 2 very nice sections that barrels and provides some awesome ripable walls.

This right can provide long barrels. Works best on a solid swell.

This right holds big and the bigger it gets, the more skill is required. You can get barreled from the take off and it is Very ripable up to 3-6 feet.

This deep water slabbing beast is located between Asu and the Hinako’s. You can get barreled on this wave and has a fun rippable end section, best suited for intermediate to expert surfers.

Only a  40-50 minute ride in the speedboat from Asu. This left is on Nias has some amazing barrels and very rippable walls.

Barrel Machine
This left hand Barreling Machine is a great wave to surf as it holds 3 – 6 ft. As it gets bigger it gets more hollow and square. You can get barrels up to 6 seconds, however, this wave needs the swell and wind to all come together for it to turn on.