This is the ideal destination for adventurous, thrill seeking surfers who are seeking to voyage off the beaten track and catch waves from a stunning selection of remote Indonesian islands.

The most famous of these is Nias, which hosts the glamour wave of the region called ‘The Point’.  Situated off Sorake Beach, this is an immaculate, impeccable, barrelling wave which is a sure-fire surf under any wind or tide conditions. It rightly earns much media attention and is one of the main attractions of the area. When ‘The Point’ is really playing the atmosphere is electric, crackling with competitiveness from the tourists and the locals alike, all bristling to show their skill. Of course with such hype around it, this location is never going to be deserted. Surfing tourism is one of the main attractions of this isolated region so although we cannot guarantee complete solitude it is unusual for guests to complain about their wave count.

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There are plentiful hidden jewels for those willing to hunt them out with the help of boat skippers who have unparalleled knowledge of anonymous breaks far from the madding crowd. Hooking up with local surfers is another great way to discover secluded spots in which you appear to be the first to ever ride through the crystal waters. This is the epitome of freedom and exhilaration.

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The surfing in this area is based around the islands of Nias, Hinako, Banyak and Simeulue. North Sumatra is a frontier, far flung from the comforts of modern travel and so although you can book beautiful accommodation with us or stay on a luxurious charter boat, all holidays are usually for a minimum of a week. North Sumatra is one of the most remote areas that we cover but the effort that it takes to reach these inaccessible gems is truly worth it. We will make your Sumatra Surfing holiday memorable.

Indonesia is basically a year-round surf destination, but the best time of year and also the most popular is between the months of April until the end of October as the monster winter storms march the swell lines from down south and to the left across the open Indian Ocean untouched until they hit here and with light trade winds blowing from the south-east.

With the wet season beginning towards the end of October and lasting through to March, your peak rainfall will come in January and February with the high pressure systems flowing south from the Asian mainland combined with humid air from the Indian Ocean bring rain throughout Indonesia – but sometimes the northern and western islands get the lions share compared to those in the south and east.




Nias is one of the best right hand waves on the planet. The wave also got better after the March 2005 earthquake as was raised slightly higher making it more hollow and break with less swell.


The peak is a consistent,  fun A-frame peak that breaks on all tides and swells. The bottom is rock and sand. Handles 8 ft+ and  has great wall sections,  barrels and a nice ramp at the end.

K-Hole/Tea Bags

A cracking right hander the breaks over shallow reef: this wave is surrounded by amazing tropical landscapes. It has long, deep, heavy barrels & can handle big swells 10ft+. Experience is required when charging this wave when it gets solid. The wave needs 4ft to turn on.

Dylan’s Right

A beautiful reeling right hand wave that breaks over a live vibrant reef.  As soon as it gets 3ft on the charts it begins the fire up serving punchy/sucking barrels. This wave is for intermediate/experienced surfers.

Dylan’s Left

The bigger the better quality. When the Swell is a straight south medium swell it turns into a fun reef break. It is not as perfect as Dylan’s right, however, still has nice long walls and is more of swell magnet.  Also a great option when Dylan’s right is onshore.


Secrets breaks for over 100mts and is a nice long right hander that barrels.  When it is breaking smaller is has 3 sections.  It is a swell magnet and breaks from 2ft-20ft.

Secrets Left

This is a heavy deep water wave breaking up to 200 meters that is across the channel from Secrets and is only a 5min drive by boat.


Is a right hand reef break that can break up to 60mts. When everywhere is maxed out Thailand’s can be head high.

Tou Tous

Is a Sandy point that breaks for about 100m.

Secret Island

A cracking right hand barrel.