An hour by boat from Bali but an entire world away, the small island of Nusa Lembongan provides a quick and easy getaway from Bali’s frantic pace and fume-blasting roads and aggressive hawkers.  On Lembongan, there’s no need to go zooming around by car on motorbike, guessing and second-guessing on the day’s best surf spots, because there the surf spots are pretty much right in front of you, breaking on the fringing reef.

Our World Surfing Adventure partners on Lembongan not only give you a great deal and terrific service, but an eyeball view of the surf breaks from most of their rooms and terraces.  To get to lineups, you can opt to choose a ferry service, or do it old-school, strolling down the beach and paddling out.

In traffic-free Lembongan, you live your daily life at the pace of a leisurely stroll or the swaying of a hammock or the cruising speed of snorkel and fins in the lagoon.  When you’re done with your surf, kick back and chill out to the murmur of the wind in the palms and the serene beauty of Mount Agung across the Bali Straits.

Book your Nusa Lembongan Surf Trip With World Surf Adventures. We have serious local knowledge.

Lembongan’s surf season is from May through September, when South Indian Ocean winter lows regularly push up solid ground swells toward Indonesia.  Lembongan is not only perfectly situated to catch these swells, but the island’s premier breaks are on the western reef, which means the surf season SE trade winds are directly off-shore.

However, the off-season, especially the shoulder months of October and March-April, can offer good swells with clean conditions.  They can be well-worth the quick dash from Bali as a break from Bali’s madness. Keep an eye on the swell and wind charts.

The Lembongan surf breaks are fairly tidal sensitive, and are best at mid to high tides.

So named for a ship that ran aground on the reef, a classic hunk of rusted metal during the early days of Bali surfing, but no longer there.  Proper Shipwrecks is a right that comes in fast and hard from deep water as a thick blue peak, with plenty of power behind it.  Tubes and fast walls.  Experienced surfers only at size, but when smaller can be fun for all.

The name says it all. A fast hollow right that breaks right along the main channel entrance.  Needs solid swell to start working, but you can get a great tube that blasts you out onto a workable wall.  Reef is sharp and shallow.

Again, the name says it all.  Across the channel from Lacerations but a much friendlier vibe, the wave swinging in as a peak with long playful left and at times a short tubing right.  When small, ideal for beginners.

Where to go when Lembongan is flat.  Located on neighboring Ceningan Island,  a left breaking in sections.