Papua New Guinea remains one of the surfing world’s last frontiers. This tropical country of exotic cultural and natural wonders boasts a thousand miles of coast and offshore islands that face the Pacific Ocean, exposed to the Pacific’s swells. Plenty of world-class waves remain to be discovered, and those that have been discovered are never crowded thanks to PNG’s groundbreaking sustainable surf industry program.

If you’re a surf adventurer seeking something exotic and warm and far from the usual frothing hordes, then PNG is what you want. During the surf season, the swells are consistent, breaking at dozens of known surf spots, and often powerful at the more exposed locations. Rights and lefts, barrels and walls, fun to serious, there’s something for everyone.

Book with one of our World Surfing Adventure partners who have pioneered PNG. They know where to go and when, and take good care of you as you rest up for your next session. You’ll be getting barreled against a stunning backdrop of tropical shore or rainforest jungle. Between sessions, you’ll relax in traditional, comfortable style without mass tourism hype all round you, and where time is measured by the tides.

And no crowds, guaranteed. The country’s surf program limits the number of surfers at each of the main surf resort areas of Vanimo on the country’s western borders and the western island of New Ireland. A busy session is you and six or so other surfers trading waves. Often it’s just you and a friend.

PNG gets its northern swell from Pacific Ocean lows, which means the northern hemisphere winter of November through May. The same Arctic lows that explode Hawaii’s famous North Shore to life will keep marching south to PNG. The exposed PNG surf spots can be genuine Pacific juice, with lots of raw power. But there are also more user friendly spots around the corner.

These months are also PNG’s wet season, so expect some blessed cooling rain with the equatorial sunshine. Because of the island’s terrain of mountains and valleys that moderate the weather, the wet season does not inflict wilting humidity. And anyways, you’ll be mostly in the surf.

The best known surf breaks are clustered around Vanimo, on the country’s western border with Indonesia, and the eastern island of New Ireland.   Here’s a sampling:

Kavieng Harbor: A perfect righthander that peels for up to 100 meters. Located at the entrance to the main harbor of New Ireland island.

BB’s: A fast hollow consistent wave that breaks at all tides.   On New Ireland.

Curlies: New Ireland’s wave magnet, consistently bigger than other spots. Throws up left and right barrels.

Rubio: A classic A-frame peak that is the home break of World Surf Adventure partner Rubio Lodge on New Ireland. The break is directly out in front.

Lido’s Right: A consistent right that zippers over sand and rock bottom with back door sections. Directly in from of VanimoSurf Lodge, one of World Surf Adventure’s partners.

Town Beach: Another Vanimo Surf Lodge break, this one overs easy mellow waves over sand bottom.

These are only a few of the breaks. There are plenty more within easy reach of our World Surf Adventure Partners. And who knows, maybe you’ll go surf exploring with them and find a new spot.