Samoa, your surfing paradise as you have always imagined it. Warm tropical reef breaks with crystal clear water and constant swell, pristine beaches fringed with virgin rain forest, water-falls sparkling like gems, a vibrant local culture wreathed with smiles.

Located in the middle of the Southern Pacific Ocean, Samoa’s two main islands of Upolu and Savai’i are perfectly situated to receive north and south swells. Meaning there’s surf year-round, with plenty of Pacific juice and without the crowds. Locals give you a smile, not the stink-eye.

The smorgasbord of Samoa surf is served in an astounding variety of world-class waves. Most are reef breaks, so some experience is recommended, but there is something for every taste. Do you want raw barreling power? You got it. Something mellower and easier to ride?Ditto.A-frames with choice of direction? Sure.

Because of its exposure, the ocean is lively, with underwater obstacles and currents that can be dangerous to the unwary. Book with one of our carefully vetted World Surf Adventure partners and you’ll have no worries. Their guides will show you where and when the surf is the best for the day’s conditions and for your skill level, knowledge that comes with years of experience.

Samoa has surf all year round, receiving swells from north and south. The south coasts of the main islands of Upolu and Savai’i have constant south swell surf in all months, produced by arctic lows and more local tropical weather systems. The best swells and condition occur in the Southern Hemisphere winter of April – November on the South Shore of Upolu.

During the northern hemisphere winter of November through March, the north coasts of the islands get the same swells as Hawaii’s famous North Shore, but the added distance reduces the size by a goodly factor and the crowd factor by about a gazillion.

This is the Pacific, swells coming up out of deep water and unloading on reefs. Steep take-offs and wide-open barrels are the norm. If you want something easier, our World Surf Adventure partner will be able to pick out the spot for you. Out of the dozens of known breaks and dozens more that wait to be discovered, the following is a sample.


Salani Rights

Super consistent with barrels on offer, with walls to whack upon. Likes south swells. Good safe channel exit.


A big-wave left at the end of a stunning black sand beach. Breaks on boulders. An easy takeoff that leads you into spitting barrels.

Tiavea Bay

Has four surf breaks. A big wave right and opposite that a zippering left. The bay also has a river-mouth with cobblestone that holds a left and right. A top north swell spot, and a good alternative if the south swells are too big.


Aganoa Right

One of Samoa’s premier breaks, a right that’s a short paddle from the beach at Aganoa. Super-consistent and holds all sizes, with the added benefit that you can choose you take-off spot depending on skill level.


A long left reef pass that brings G-land to mind. From four foot to as big as it gets, the wave presents a mix of hollow sections and walls to carve upo


A fun peak breaking to a safe channel.

Pastor Point

Great fun and long rides on this right. Softer than most places, which makes it perfect for all skill levels.