This region offers a flawless coastline with copious high quality waves and is the perfect destination for those wishing to surf the famous breaks and those with the spirit of adventure who wish to track down the swells less traveled.

Although not a major tourist destination and relatively remote, the majority of travelers here are surfers and the line ups for the famous breaks like ‘Jenny’s Right’, can get really busy. Fortunately there is endless scope to intrepidly seek out your own corner of paradise with secluded swells for all tastes and skills. The waves in this area are usually between 6-12ft from March to November and 3-6ft throughout the rest of the year.

As with any developing country, the roads between waves can be challenging and an adventure in themselves, especially if you choose to hire a motorbike. Having transport is highly recommended so that you can chase the most inspiring surf of the day. The area does cater for surfers and there are many guides, bike rental options and repair shops. ATM’s are not so conspicuous so it is always good to be prepared with cash and it is important to note that MasterCard is more widely accepted than Visa.

Having said that, South Sumatra provides some of the best value for money surfing to be had in Indonesia and is a perfect option for those on a budget.

The Lampung region has some of the most breath-taking spots and many of the accommodation options we provide centre around the main town of Krui. Many of these resorts have breaks right outside the door, others you must travel to. Only a short boat ride away is Banana Island which has some excellent waves and further afield, some 200km is the island of Enggano also known for high quality swells.



The atmosphere in the waves is more casual than surfing in Bali, hassling for the inside still happens though at the major breaks. But with much less in the water its a much more pleasant surfing experience.

Indonesia is basically a year-round surf destination, but the best time of year and also the most popular is between the months of April until the end of October as the monster winter storms march the swell lines from down south and to the left across the open Indian Ocean untouched until they hit here and with light trade winds blowing from the south-east.

With the wet season beginning towards the end of October and lasting through to March, your peak rainfall will come in January and February with the high pressure systems flowing south from the Asian mainland combined with humid air from the Indian Ocean bring rain throughout Indonesia – but sometimes the northern and western islands get the lions share compared to those in the south and east.


South Sumatra’s stunning coastline caters for all levels of surfers from beginners to advanced.  The Krui surf area has many barreling lefts & rights, softer reef breaks as well as beautiful beach breaks.  Don’t know where to find them? We will guide you in the the right direction.


Mandiri is a South-West facing beachy. It is best to get the early in before the wind gets on it. The beachy’s can be great, however, being a beach break is not always reliable.

The Peak

A fun, hollow, short wave that is a good option for smaller days. Best on a South swell, N wind & a mid to High tide.

Krui Right

A fun, fast right hander that reels off down the point. It needs a big SW-W swell to break off the reef and is surfable through the tides.

Krui Left

Is a short hollow tube that is similar to Bingin in Bali, however, is fatter and not as shallow. This wave needs a solid swell. When it is 8ft+ at ujung bocur it will be about 2ft+ at Krui Left. Best with a SW swell & East winds.

Banana Island

Banana Island is accessible only by boat, with a quality right hander on one side and a screaming left on the other. Not many people surf out there and if there is a nice swell running and your adventurous spirit you could reap the rewards with amazing waves. Best in a S/SW swell & a N/NE wind.

Jenny’s Right

Jenny’s right, which is a fun reef break that runs for 100+ meters with a couple of barreling and long walling sections that breaks on all tides. Early mornings are the best as it is nice and clean.

Honey Smacks

A steep fast left hand barrel that holds 8ft+. This wave is suited for bodyboarders and experienced surfers as the take off is radical. Best in a NE/NW wind.

 Jimmy’s Left

A great left that is very hollow with a gnarly end section. Handles 10 ft+, however, best at 4-6 feet and a mid tide. Barrels from the takeoff, then a nice wall to carve up before the radical end section. Best in a W/SW swell, N/NE wind and all tides.

Jimmy’s Right

A cracking right hander that has a heaving barrel. On low tide the end section shuts down and requires a quick eject. Paddling out can be very shallow. Suited for experienced surfers. Best in a South swell NE – NW wind and mid to high tide.

Way Jambu

Way Jambu also known as “Sumatran Pipeline” is a heavy long left hander. Low tide can have a heaving takeoff as the water drains off the reef hard. Best in a SW, South swell & a NE – NW wind with a mid to high tide.

Ujung Bocur

Is a long left that has barrels and a nice walling section. This wave has many different sections and moods depending on the conditions. Works on all tides, however, best on lower tides and west swells. This wave can hold 10 ft+. Breaks on most swell from S to W and winds from SE to NE.