If you are seeking to stake a pioneer’s claim on your own piece of paradise, far from the surf hungry masses then The Telo islands could be your perfect match.

This location, also known as the Batu Islands, has over 20 named surf breaks and uncountable, unidentified ones just waiting to be discovered by you. This soon to be surf mecca was only really explored as recently as the 1990’s and lies to the north of the much more renowned Mentawais islands.

Many of the charters in this area are run by local surf aficionados who appear to have a psychic connection to the ocean’s whims. Nobody is better equipped to strategically place you and your mates in the ideal spots to catch the best breaks of the day.

Let World Surf Adventures book your Telos Surf Holiday – no one knows Telos or has better local knowledge than we do. Helping surfers since 2010.

As well as the option of spending your entire holiday on the waves, there are some stunning possibilities for land based stays. Both are excellent options for milking the most out of this incredible smattering of remote islands and the surf-gold that they offer.

The prolific waves in this region are characterised by steadfast, endless breaks and luscious barrels. They include some awe inspiring glamour waves, but unlike other spots there may be no waiting in the line-up because these world class breaks have been kept intentionally hush-hush.

Set in the Indian Ocean, directly on the equator off the coast of Sumatra, this area is dominated by three large islands Pini, Tanahmasa, and Tanahbala and has approximately 48 other smaller ones scattered over its region.

Indonesia is basically a year-round surf destination, but the best time of year and also the most popular is between the months of April until the end of October as the monster winter storms march the swell lines from down south and to the left across the open Indian Ocean untouched until they hit here and with light trade winds blowing from the south-east.

With the wet season beginning towards the end of October and lasting through to March, your peak rainfall will come in January and February with the high pressure systems flowing south from the Asian mainland combined with humid air from the Indian Ocean bring rain throughout Indonesia – but sometimes the northern and western islands get the lions share compared to those in the south and east.

For more information on surfing in the Telos please get in touch with our reservation team today.


Le-Ba is a beautiful right hander that peaks and runs along an island before crashing onto the reef. The wave is short, however, on a larger swell the wave will stand up and barrel. The wave accommodates all surfers from intermediate to advanced.


A right-hander that is fun and super hollow. The wave breaks over a soft coral reef producing grinding barrels. Over six foot, GT’s turns into a roaring beast. The take-off dredge’s, so make sure you dig deep to get into it early then draw your line. At 3ft it is a fun barrel.


Is a Barreling left hander that breaks over a shallow reef suited for experienced surfers.

Max’s Left

Is perfect for the intermediate to advanced surfer as it is a long rippabale long left hander that has some nice barrel sections.

Max’s Right

Max’s right can provide everything from fun rippable bowls to long barrels dependent on the swell direction.


Can be a little confusing if the swell is to big, however, when it is smaller the wave has open walls with the odd hollow one.


Schoolyard’s has a combination of 3 separate waves from a Hawaiian style sunset peak to punchy rights depending on the swell direction. The wave is a swell magnet as it open wide to any South to West swell.

The E.R

The E.R is a swell magnet which consists of 2 lefts & 3 rights. This wave offers suitability from beginner to advanced.


Wegs is a great left for more skilled surfers The wave drains off a the reef throwing out some very quick barrels.


Zippers breaks over a shallow reef and has a sneaky barrel section.


Not very long, however,  a powerful left hander that is punchy.


A powerful left hander that unloads over a  shallow ledge.

Out There’s

Is a right hander that can handle any size swell. With the right conditions this wave can deliver some barrels and nice walls to rip up.

The Finger

A cracking right hander that is powerful & fast with 3 tube sections & ripabble walls.  Suited for all levels of surfers.


A wave that suits all levels of surfers, this barreling right hander is a short & thick ride.


A very big and powerful right hander that is definitely not for the faint hearted. For experienced surfers only.


Located on the opposite tip of Plankton Bay, this wave is a very powerful left hander that is fast, hollow and shallow. We recommend this wave for experienced surfers.


This wave is located at an island in front of the Surfing Village and is a long and powerful left hander with sections that barrel as well as rippable walls. This wave can hold as big as the ocean can throw at it. Can be surfed by surfers of all levels as well as big wave riders.


A little mix of dessert poing and G-land, this wave is a long left barrel that with the right tide can be one connecting barrel all the way down the line. For surfers of all ability level.


Located behind Baga’s island, this long right hander works on any swell and has very good rippabble sections suited for all levels of surfers.


A beautiful and heavy Hawaiian style A-Frame with right and left barrel sections. Suitable for all levels of surfers as well as big wave riders.


A very fast, scary and hollow hair raising left –think Teahupoo.


A very fun left with incredible back door barrels that is suited for surfers of all levels.


This spot is the ideal spot if you are just learning how to surf. The peak wave opens very long with easy walls to both sides and located inside a protected Bay. A fun wave for Long boarders as well.


Located in front of a small rock island, this right and left breaking wave is in the middle of the neighboring bay. For intermediate to experience surfers as well as big wave riders.


The first of 3 rights located on the coast of Tantras, this is a huge and powerful right hander. Good for big wave riders as well as surfers of all levels of ability.


Although not as consistent, this fast, hollow, shallow right hander is probably one of the most challenging in the region. For experienced surfers only.


A very fun right hander with a barreling section that opens up to a rippable wall and then another barreling section towards the end. Good for surfers of all levels of experience as well as long boarders.


Located in paradise bay, this is a fast and hollow right hander. This wave has some really good barrel sections as well as rippable walls.  Great for surfers of all levels of experience.


Only for the experienced surfer. This is a very shallow, fast and hollow left with amazing barrels.


This wave is a very heavy and punchy right hander that only works on big swells.