Sumbawa Aman Gati – Sumbawa

Okay, a bit of insider information here.  The village of Lakey, Sumbawa, the same village of world surfing fame, is actually pronounced “LAH-kai” and not “Lake-y.” There—now when you stay at the Aman Gati Hotel in Lakey, you can impress others by pronouncing the name like the locals.

Or not.  Maybe you just want to have fun surfing, however the place is pronounced.   The Aman Gati is centrally located on one of the world’s most amazing stretches of surf breaks. There’s the famous Lakey Peak, super-consistent and offering waves ranging from full-jack barrels to playful learner’s roll-ins depending on conditions.  Nungas at eight-foot plus tests courage and fitness.  Lakey Pipe and Periscopes for medium-sized swells and maximum fun.  There’s something for everyone, a smorgasbord of different kinds of breaks right there in front of you.

Plus there are other secret spots within striking range of a boat the hotel can organize.

And being on the ocean, there’s the complete water package of diving and snorkeling, game fishing, and kayaking.  Dolphins and even whales make for great nature watching.  Or just chill and and do nothing and let the world and worries slough off for awhile.

A starred facility set in lush tropical gardens, the Aman Gati prides itself on pampering its guests.  If you’re traveling with a family, the hotel is the perfect choice, with spacious and comfortable twin rooms to villas, all with private balconies overlooking the garden and beach. Friendly staff take cheerful care of you. Your (or your groms) can splash in the pools if they are not splashing in the swim-safe lagoon or checking out the tidal pools.  Sip a drink at the bar as you watch the sunset and then dine in the beachfront restaurant.  Satellite TV and Internet service connects you to the outside world.

The Aman Gati at Lakey:  great service for your comfort and relaxation with great waves for your full-rush adrenalin.








The Amangati Hotel sits right in front of Lakey Peak break and all the rooms are equipped with a large bed, TV with cable/satellite channels as well as a surf cam channel where you can watch the surf from your room. The rooms also come with a private bathroom with running hot and cold water. Over 50 of the rooms at the resort are fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort.

Here are the room types at the resort:

  • Air conditioned room
  • Sea view air-conditioned room
  • Beach Bungalow Air conditioned room
  • Blue House Villa
  • Big House Villa
  • White House Villa



Lakey Peak

Is the perfect A-Frame wave as it rears up and fires both ways and located right in front of the resort. The right can offer deep backdoor pits. Gets too shallow on the low tide. When the left is pumping is spits out mechanical tubes. Both sides offer rides from 40-50mts. Lakey’s gets crowded when it is below 6ft, however, when a solid swell rolls in and it is over 7ft+ it sorts the boys out from the men as it turns into a heaving monster. On the smaller days intermediate surfers are able to surf here as the reef is fairly user-friendly, except during spring tides.


Has 2 waves, a right and a left on each side of the deep reef channel called Cobblestones. The right walls up with some wackable sections and the left barrels into the channel. It is a swell magnet & handles size. Best on a mid-high tide.

Dedjoeng Wane

A fun right hander on the south coast. Best to go there on smaller days with NW winds which is mainly the wet season.

Lakey Pipe

350 mts across the bay is Lakey Pipe. Below lays a sharp reef with an easy take off. The swell marches in from deep water then jacks up on the shelf & throws out a heaving barrel that you can backdoor. Best time to surf is between mid-high tide & 6ft. Can handle 8ft+


Is the biggest swell magnet around the Lakey’s area. There are 3 waves at Nangadoro, a barreling left and 2 rights.

No Man’s

350m to the North of Lakey’s is a closeout section called No-Mans. If the conditions are right may have a short in smaller swells.

Northern Rights

Needs a massive SW swell, mid-high tide, & Northerly’s to make this wave happen. If the swell is solid there are better options in close proximity.


Nungas is very similar to G-land, however, a smaller version. The long left reels down the reef for up to 200mts with some smackable sections & barrels. Nungas needs a solid swell as it is situated in a bay.


Periscopes is a cracking right hand barrel that is quick from start to finish. Needs a solid south swell & can handle 6-8ft. Best early in the morning to beat the crowds and a high tide as the wave needs water over the reef.

Scar Reef

Scar Reef also known as “Scars” is located in West Sumbawa. High risk = high reward as the reef is very sharp and gets very shallow on the lower tides. Straight off the take-off the lip throws out then churns out multiple tube sections that you can backdoor racing down the line towards the gnarly inside section which closes out. The wave has many moods as the tide changes. On the low tide it starts to produce cylindrical mid-tide bowls. Best on a S-SW swell & SE winds & can handle 8-10ft+.

Super Suck

“Supers” is very shallow & super sharp, however, worth the risk. As a solid W-SW swell starts to roll in this wave starts to light up showing is spectacular colours. As big walls of water march in and break off the boil on the outside of the bay it sucks up into a heaving left bowl that fires down the reef for 200mts+. The inside section of this reef gets really shallow before finally shutting down. Best on a S-SW swell, mid tide & SE winds.

Tropical Resort

Directly situated in front of the Nomad surf resort there is tropical’s left & right. The Left is a long point break that has nice walls for you to carve your way down the line. The Right hander on the other side of the channel hits the reef quick then barrels off down the line.

 Yo-yo’s – The Wedge & The Hook

Are swell magnets as the swell marches into Sekongkang Bay it refracts off the cliffs allowing the SW swells to refract off the steep cliffs to form “The Wedge” which is an easy launch into some short punchy right handers. Further down the reef is the “The Hook” where you may get some barrels. Both waves do not handle the SE winds or big swells. Early mornings are the best with a mid tide.


The Surf