Mentawais Telos Bintang Surf Charter – BOOK NOW & SAVE

Thinking of a surf charter to the offshore Sumatran Islands but bewildered by the choices of boats?

It’s really quite simple.  The Bintang, a 115-foot fully-decked motor-schooner, is one of the most spacious, comfortable, and longest-running surf charter boats in the fleet. Built in Perth in 1998, she’s been providing top-quality surfing expeditions for its guests ever since.  The dream-world blue perfection of the Mentawai waves need no introduction, but what is good to know is that with all that experience, you can trust the boat’s skippers to get you to the day’s best and most uncrowded surf.  This isn’t a surf-bus route they run. They watch the charts and conditions and put you instead of schedule first.

The smorgasboard of surf in the Mentawais offers something for everyone, from dredging barrels both right and left to high-technique ramps to playful cruising.  Experienced rippers and learners alike all have fun on the Bintang.  With sail bellied to the wind and motor going, the Bintang zips along at thirteen knots, getting you to places quicker for multiple surf-spot sessions a day.

And of course, the owners/skippers have long and intimate experience in the lesser known Telos and Banyak Islands.

Want to surf Indonesia? Book your surf charter with us and SAVE!

The Bintang caps individual bookings to ten people, so you are not traveling with your own surf crowd (for custom charters she can accommodate 14).  The cabins are fully air-conditioned and all but one ensuite with bathrooms, with an additional shared shower and toilet on the main deck.  On such a spacious boat, you don’t get that cramped, living-on-top-of-each-other feeling that you get with other boats.  The 500-foot square salon is a complete entertainment center for music and movies and watching the day’s video footage of you in the barrel.  (A photographer is available to document your trip from boat and from water for a modest per person fee).

Ample and nutritious meals, Indonesian and international, are prepared in the large custom kitchen by the chef from fresh food stored in five fridges and two deep-freezers.  You’re welcome to fry up your fish that you’ve caught trolling!  Meals are usually served al-fresco on deck with the sea-breeze and tang of ocean in the air.  The boat has its own wine and spirits cellar, but four cold beers a day are already included in your package, with additional beers at cost.

Immaculately maintained with modern navigational and safety equipment, you don’t have to worry about the Bintang’s seaworthiness or your safety.

The whole point of the Bintang is really simple and to the point:  getting you to the day’s best surf so you can get get surfed out and then chill in comfort.  Just ask recent guests John-John Florence, Albee Layer, and Chippa Wilson.

Too easy.



Bintang can accommodate between 10-14 guests with exclusivity, however individual bookings will be capped at 10 passengers. The vessel has four guest cabins with each cabin equipped with one double and two single beds.

In the fully air-condition saloon with Flat Screen TV and a kicking sound system you have the two cabins, one on the port side while the other on the starboard side, with its own private en-suite shower and toilet. Each of these cabins sleeps up to 4 people. As you go further through the aft you have the state room that can accommodate up to 5 passengers.

There is also a private cabin located at the back of the vessel with a double plus single bunk room. Access to this room is via the back deck or back hatch of the vessel. There is a shared toilet and bathroom for this cabin.


USD 2,625 per person


  • 3 large meals a day,
  • snacks and desserts,
  • airport transfers,
  • full use of all the equipment on The Bintang (Fishing gear, snorkels, camera)
  • 4 beers a day per person
  • surf guide.
  • They also have a little dingy available to take you from the boat to the waves.


  • If there are 10 passengers on the boat it also includes their 30ft speed boat, if less than ten they charge an extra USD 1072 which can be split up with how ever many people you have on the boat. The speed boat is awesome for little fishing adventures, or venturing out to different spots.
  • There is also professional photographer on board and will shoot video, water and stills, after surf playback, and full access to all of the trips photos at the end of the trip provided to you on a CD or hard drive. If you would like this photo package let us know. Price per person is USD 215





Kandui Lefts

This wave is a very quick left-hander and starts working on the high tide when the swell starts hitting at 6-10 ft with a South West swell & light East-South East winds. The wave breaks for up to 300mts throwing out deep amazing barrels sections. Draw your line and hold on as you could possibly get the best barrel of your life.

Baby Kandui 

Just tucked around the corner from Kandui there is baby Kandui which is shorter, however, can be just as full on and perfect as Kandui. This turns on when Kandui is 6 ft+. The wave is better on a high tide and needs a South West swell & South winds.

A Frames

A Frames can have two sections depending on the swell and the tide. The one outside is most consistent & has fun take offs and long walls. The wave holds big and gets better when it gets more solid. When the inside bowl is working there is a nice barrel section. Works the best on a big south swell at low tide.

4 Bobs

A short and very wackable fun right-hander that breaks over a shallow sharp reef.  Needs a Northerly wind &  mid tides & 3 -5 ft. Very shallow on low tide. A great option when the everywhere is blown out by west-southwest winds.


One of the longest & most perfect rights on the planet.  Needs a big south swell and northerly winds to turn on. Best at 5-8ft with a mid-high tide.


This beautiful right just down the reef from Riffles has a fun barrel section and nice walls. It breaks on all tides on a shallow reef. Needs a small southerly swell and north winds. Great option on smaller days.

Little Nias

This fun left & right is perfect for beginners. It is good in all tides and breaks from 2-4 ft with Northerly winds.


A beautiful left hander that breaks over a pristine colourful coral reef. Breaks best when its 6-8ft & South winds. Breaks on all tides and gets very hollow on the lower tide.

Bank Vaults

This deep water heaving right hander marches straight in from the indian ocean and is best on a south swell and North winds. Breaks on all tides, however, is better with an incoming tide. It can handle 12ft+.  Great take off with a big slab section at the end.


Is the most consistant wave in the playgrounds area. It offers a nice big take off and a long wall that you can tear up down the line with a barrel section when it is small and on a low tide. Breaks on all tides the lower being better with a North wind.


When over 6 ft this wave is powerful, perfect and hollow and when it is less than 5 ft it is a nice easy wave with 2 nice barrel sections. Works on all tides, however, more hollow at low tide. Best with a North East wind and big west swell.


Is a very consistent left when there is a small southwest swell running.  It is best from 3-6 ft and is excellent for all levels of surfers. Good on all tides.


Is a very fun right hander and is best at 3-5 ft, works on all tides and it is great for all levels of surfers as the take off is easy which then leads into a nice playful wall.


Possibly the  most picturesque right-hander is in the world. It can be long and very playful and sometimes barrels when the section comes closer to the rocks on a lower tide. It is great for hacks and speed turns and is suited for all levels of surfing.  Sometimes when the winds are more east, you can go around the island where there is a fun left.


Icelands is a powerful left that can handle any size swell thrown at it and works on all tides.  The wave starts with a nice steep takeoff then can have a barrel section on the inside then a ripple bowl to lay down some heavy hacks. Can be surfed by all skill levels as the water is deep. Best with a East/South east wind.


Scarecrows has many moods depending on the swell direction and tide. This wave is very consistent as is picks up tons of swell and can handle it when it solid.  The wave is perfect for carving down the line with long ripable walls and a few barrel sections then down the end you have the “Curry Bowl” section which starts draining on low tide. The reef is fairly user friendly so can accommodate beginners to advanced. Best with a South East wind.


A very quick right which fires along a shallow reef. Best on a North east wind & a high tide.


“Teles” is one of the bests lefts around. It is not as consistent as other spots, however, with a solid South West swell and light South easterlies this wave turns into a tube machine with rippable sections along the way producing long rides up to 200 mts.

Seven Palms

It is a very fun, rippable wave that can barrel on the right conditions. Suitable to surfers of any skill level and for those chasing some deeper barrels can venture up the reef. Great option when everywhere is small. Does not handle above 6ft. Good on all tides, however, gets very shallow on the low.

Lances Left

Lances left is located at the bottom of Sipora island just around the corner from Lances Right and is very consistent. When the wind is from the East & the swell is from the South up to 3 sections can reel into the bay delivering anything from big walls to draining barrels. Works best on the Mid tide & handles as 12ft+. Getting caught inside when it is big is easy to do and surfing the wave all the way to the end to greedy’s then falling off will put you high and dry, if this happens use the keyhole out the front of the resort.

Lances Right

Lance’s Right is one of the most perfect powerful waves on the planet. When the swell is 6-8ft from the SW, light W or no wind, at least 2hrs of tide this wave turns into an insane barrel machine.  You can get barreled all the way from the office until the surgeons table. It is fairly consistent considering the swell has to wrap around the bottom of the island of Sipora. Trying to get back out when caught inside on a solid swell can be risky as you can end up high and dry on the surgeons table. Best bet is to play it safe and head towards shore over the reef and go around into the deep channel and paddle back out and have another crack.


Is a long right hander that breaks along a fringing reef with a beautiful little island as the backdrop, very picturesque. It holds 10ft+, works on all tides and needs a NE wind. Very rarely gets crowded and a great beginner wave.


Macas has been voted by many as the funnest wave in the world as it breaks perfectly along the reef delivering multiple tube & whackable sections that you can really open up on. Your surfing level will be taken to the next level when you spend time here as the wave gives you a blank canvas to fine tune your surfing. When it is 2-5ft is is very fun and playful, however, when it gets above 6ft is starts doubling up and throws out heavy barrels. Best on a SSW swell & SE wind. Breaks on all tides.

Macaronis Right

Maccas right also know as KFC’s is a great escape for those who want to surf with just a few mates and is located only 5 mins across the bay from Maccas. It is best N-NE wind & a decent S swell with a fair amount of tide to cover the sharp reef fingers that protrude on low tide.

Rags Left

Is a long left with multiple barrel sections. This was an amazing wave before the earthquake, however on a big SW swell, SE winds & a mid tide you can score some freight train rides. When the swell is massive you can backdoor some sections that open up as wide as a truck. Don’t fall on the inside section as there is a high chance you will end up high and dry and the very sharp reef.

Rags Right

Probably the shallowest and one of the gnarliest waves in the ments. This wave is best on a South swell, North winds and a mid tide. The wave reels down the reef serving you some very long quick barrels. Rags right is suited for advanced surfers and is a great spectator wave as the charter boats anchor right in the channel looking straight into the barrel.


Picks up the most swell in the entire Mentawai archipelago. It is best when it is 3-4ft with a South swell as it hugs the reef and barrels on the inside. Breaks on all tides and is best in a SE wind. Thunders maxes out at 8-10 ft. Be wary sitting on the inside when it is big as you there is a high chance that you will get caught inside.


Lightouse is a right hander and needs a solid S-SW swell as it wraps around the island and marches down the reef. This wave delivers big walls and can barrel on the inside and can also handle 10ft +. Best in a west wind and works on all tides. There is also a 45ft lighthouse that you can climb and take some amazing photos of the 360’ view. One the western side of the isldand there is a left that is fickle, however, can also be very good in a massive swell.


This wave is fickle and should only be approached by surfers that are willing to commit. For those who choose to have a crack at “The Bush” they could come away with the best tube of their life. The peak stands up like a cobra then unleashes all is fury across the shallow reef. Once you are locked into the barrel there is no escape forcing you to commit 100% all the way to the end.  You may get spit out at the end section or you may get shut down on. Works best on a South swell and North wind on a mid – high tide.



Le-Ba is a beautiful right hander that peaks and runs along an island before crashing onto the reef. The wave is short, however, on a larger swell the wave will stand up and barrel. The wave accommodates all surfers from intermediate to advanced.


A right-hander that is fun and super hollow. The wave breaks over a soft coral reef producing grinding barrels. Over six foot, GT’s turns into a roaring beast. The take-off dredge’s, so make sure you dig deep to get into it early then draw your line. At 3ft it is a fun barrel.


Is a Barreling left hander that breaks over a shallow reef suited for experienced surfers.

Max’s Left

Is perfect for the intermediate to advanced surfer as it is a long rippabale long left hander that has some nice barrel sections.

Max’s Right

Max’s right can provide everything from fun rippable bowls to long barrels dependent on the swell direction.


Can be a little confusing if the swell is to big, however, when it is smaller the wave has open walls with the odd hollow one.


Schoolyard’s has a combination of 3 separate waves from a Hawaiian style sunset peak to punchy rights depending on the swell direction. The wave is a swell magnet as it open wide to any South to West swell.

The E.R

The E.R is a swell magnet which consists of 2 lefts & 3 rights. This wave offers suitability from beginner to advanced.


Wegs is a great left for more skilled surfers The wave drains off a the reef throwing out some very quick barrels.


Zippers breaks over a shallow reef and has a sneaky barrel section.


Not very long, however,  a powerful left hander that is punchy.


A powerful left hander that unloads over a  shallow ledge.

Out There’s

Is a right hander that can handle any size swell. With the right conditions this wave can deliver some barrels and nice walls to rip up.

The Finger

A cracking right hander that is powerful & fast with 3 tube sections & ripabble walls.  Suited for all levels of surfers.


A wave that suits all levels of surfers, this barreling right hander is a short & thick ride.


A very big and powerful right hander that is definitely not for the faint hearted. For experienced surfers only.


Located on the opposite tip of Plankton Bay, this wave is a very powerful left hander that is fast, hollow and shallow. We recommend this wave for experienced surfers.


This wave is located at an island in front of the Surfing Village and is a long and powerful left hander with sections that barrel as well as rippable walls. This wave can hold as big as the ocean can throw at it. Can be surfed by surfers of all levels as well as big wave riders.


A little mix of dessert poing and G-land, this wave is a long left barrel that with the right tide can be one connecting barrel all the way down the line. For surfers of all ability level.


Located behind Baga’s island, this long right hander works on any swell and has very good rippabble sections suited for all levels of surfers.


A beautiful and heavy Hawaiian style A-Frame with right and left barrel sections. Suitable for all levels of surfers as well as big wave riders.


A very fast, scary and hollow hair raising left –think Teahupoo.


A very fun left with incredible back door barrels that is suited for surfers of all levels.


This spot is the ideal spot if you are just learning how to surf. The peak wave opens very long with easy walls to both sides and located inside a protected Bay. A fun wave for Long boarders as well.


Located in front of a small rock island, this right and left breaking wave is in the middle of the neighboring bay. For intermediate to experience surfers as well as big wave riders.


The first of 3 rights located on the coast of Tantras, this is a huge and powerful right hander. Good for big wave riders as well as surfers of all levels of ability.


Although not as consistent, this fast, hollow, shallow right hander is probably one of the most challenging in the region. For experienced surfers only.


A very fun right hander with a barreling section that opens up to a rippable wall and then another barreling section towards the end. Good for surfers of all levels of experience as well as long boarders.


Located in paradise bay, this is a fast and hollow right hander. This wave has some really good barrel sections as well as rippable walls.  Great for surfers of all levels of experience.


Only for the experienced surfer. This is a very shallow, fast and hollow left with amazing barrels.


This wave is a very heavy and punchy right hander that only works on big swells.