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Surf the spectacular waves of the Maldives in spectacular style aboard the Carpe Novo.

The waves?  From May through October, winter storms in the Southern Indian Ocean pump swell after swell to the surf paradise of the Maldive Islands, the atolls ideally situated to groom the swell into long lines of pristine tropical surf.  Lefts and rights, barrels and ramps and walls, adrenaline racers and light-hearted cruisers: There’s something for everyone and for all skill levels.

Whether the Northern or Southern Atolls, or the more remote and less crowded Central Atolls, the best way to travel and sample the banquet of surf is by boat. And what a boat the Carpe Novo is.  Custom-built in traditional Maldivian style and outfitted to international standards of luxury, she is a scuba dive live-aboard that during the surfing season transforms into an exclusive surf-charter boat.  She boasts 12 cabins with individually controlled AC, private bathrooms, safety deposit box, and TV screens connected to the main entertainment center.

Since she caps her surfing guests to a maximum of 12, you will not be traveling with your own surfing crowd.  The skipper and crew of the Carpe Novo know these waters and surf breaks by heart and by soul, and will get you to the best waves of the day.

To fuel you for the surf, or to fill an empty belly after your arms have turned into noodles from the surf, the boat’s chef offers up a variety of tasty meals, plus tons of snacks.  The salty tang of the sea on the open air dining area will enhance your taste buds.   Enjoy a drink or two from the licensed bar.

For lounging, there’s the spacious air-conditioned main deck, or soak in the breeze and rays on the sun deck.  At 42 meters, the Carpe Novo has plenty of room without cramping your style.

The Carpe Novo has its own dhoni tender as well as a dingy to zip you to the lineup or take you fishing or diving or dropping you off for some beach-combing.

The Carpe Novo and her crew will pamper you unlike any other charter boat. All you have to do is the surfing.



The Carpe Novo provides you with 12 very comfortable cabins with different ranks located all over the vessels 3 decks. The boat has 4 junior suites, 2 single suites, and 6 standard cabins. All of the cabins are air-conditioned for maximum comfort and is equipped with a safety deposit box in each cabin for all your valuables, TV that is connected to their main entertainment hub, as well as their own private bathrooms. Please note that the plugs on the boat are multinational with 220 volts of electricity voltage.

Junior Suite

The vessel has 4 Junior Suites Cabins each called: Whale shark, Hammerhead, Tiger Shark, and Thresher Shark cabins. All of the cabins have large King Size beds but please note that the beds can be separated into two large and comfortable singles in the Whale and Tiger Shark cabins only. Each of the rooms has a wide flat screen TV connected to the entertainment hub as well as windows through the cabins which gives you beautiful views to the ocean around you. The room is equipped with a bathroom and dual cabinet sinks and large shower area, as well as a desk and a hanging closet.

Single Suite

Eagle Ray and Manta Ray, the two single suites located on the main deck is equipped with a large Queen Size bed, TV connected to the entertainment hub, hanging closet, desk, very large windows and your very own private en-suite shower and bathroom.

Standard Cabin

Turtle, Barracuda, Frog Fish, Dolphin, Octopus, and Napoleon; those are each of the names of the 6 standard cabin which is located just below the Main deck.  The two front cabins which are the Frog Fish and Octopus have two single beds whereas the remaining cabins have Queen Size beds and a single bed. All of the cabins have smart TV’s that are connected to the entertainment hub with a desk and en-suite bathroom with shower. All of the standard cabins have a porthole.


Summer surfing package: April 30 till October 29, 2016/April 30 till October 30, 2017

  • 12-20 pax exclusive 7 day safari 2485 USD p/p or 355 USD pp per day
  • 12-20 pax exclusive 10 day safari 3550 USD p/p or 355 USD pp per day

Full Charter Summer Package: Minimum boat charter rate 29,830 USD for 7 nights with max 12 guests exclusive charter or 4,260 USD per night



  • Accommodation in air conditioned cabins with 70x60cm windows (in Suite, Deluxe and High Standard) or 20x15cm portholes (in Standard), ensuite shower (with hot water) toilet, toiletries, towels and beach towels.
  • Air-conditioning in all enclosed areas.
  • Full board meals, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Snacks
  •  Drinking water + drinking bottle with logo
  •  Tea and coffee (instant) available 24h.
  •  Surfing during day time with dingy and diving dhoni available in Central atolls up till including Meemu
  •  Snorkelling equipment for non-divers.
  •  BBQ on a deserted island
  •  Airport Transfer, Meet and Assist.
  •  GST (12% ) (Rates will be adjusted in case GST were to change)
  •  Local surf guide Rates do not include:
  •  6 USD p/p per night Green Tax
  •  Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.
  •  Dives, dive equipment rental, dive courses
  •  Fuel surcharge for atolls beyond Meemu
  •  GST on all services sold on board
  •  Crew


  • 6 USD p/p per night Green Tax
  • Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.
  • Dives, dive equipment rental, dive courses
  • Fuel surcharge for atolls beyond Meemu
  • GST on all services sold on board
  • Crew gratuities.




Do you ever day dream about surfing magical waves that keep getting better as the day goes on? Do you want a wall that goes on forever with hollow barrels? Then you have to visit Beacons. Beacons in the Maldives is your screen saver surf break. This wave handles all sizes from less than 1 metre to 3-4 metres. A seriously good break for those surfers visiting the Maldives. The feedback we get is nothing but great from the guys that use our charters.


Castaways is a more relaxed wave, which is somewhat predictable but unfortunately very shallow at the end. The works best as a north wind and the entire place is seriously stunning. Check out No Names lefts when the swell picks up – worth a look.

Blue Bowls

Blue Bowls is known as a great right hander with a point style take off that leads into a long rideable face. There are a number of bowl sections in this wave ( ..the name) which open up to long rideable faces that you only dream of. This is a really fun wave for all levels especially those guys that want to rip it up on short performance boards.

Five Islands

Same as Blue Bowls, Five Islands is an extensive right hander that offers the same kind of ride but with more grunt, speed and varied sections. It’s best with a southerly swell. If you want clean long barrel rides then hit this place as it’s probably one of the best in the whole of the Southern Atolls.

Tiger Stripes

If everywhere else is small then head to Tiger Stripes. Its going to be bigger than all other places. It’s take off section is for the advanced surfers out there, but once you make it this is where the real fun begins. Go hard through the barrel section right up to the end where the water can be quite low. If you want consistency and a wave that will keep on producing then Tiger Stripes will give you the rewards you are looking for.



The is a right hander that is now open to the public. There are 2-3 main sections and when this place is pumping, you can expect 200 metre rides. Bring a super performance board for this break.


Just a short motor boat ride from HP reef close by North of Himmafushi Island. Great for the crew that prefer waves in the 4ft-6ft range. Stories we hear from this break are always positive. If Sultans is too busy head over to this break.


This place is a must visit when in the Maldives. It’s one of those waves that we all love; an easy right which then opens up about 20-30 m later to a fast wall. Love this place! Sultans is protected from the South wind and will bear the full brunt of swell so it’s best to go there in smaller conditions.


Off Kani Resort this right hander is for the intermediate to experienced – lots of swell currents and rips so take it easy as it can be less than predictable


If you are like most of us you want to be able to smash those left hand walls and Lohis gives you this opportunity, all outside Lohifushi Resort. Go for a surf, then come in for lunch and then head out again – perfect!!


You have to be super fit for this wave as this left hander goes on for more than 450 metres. Feel the burn in your legs increase as the wave goes on and on. It’s incredibly fast so bring a short performance board. You must – I repeat must check this place out at least once. Tick it off your bucket list.


A great right hander that works best when the swell is between 2-3m. Well worth a paddle.


Inside Mikado

This right hander is inconsistent on the low tide, however, on the mid tide through to high can produce reeling waves with some short barrels. On the inside of Mikado is offshore in a South western & is protected from Kanimeedhoo Island, however when the wind is from the W-NW it will mess the wave up.

Outside Mikado

Is a fast right with a gnarly section at the end. To the west is a long left wall that has a tube section & is a swell magnet. This wave is perfect with light N, NW winds.


Is a left that is exposed to all winds from the south. It needs NE, N or light NW winds to break well and across the reef pass. There is a right that also breaks sometimes.


If the wind is from the SE, make the journey to Hirilandhoo where there is a long fast left, this wave can barrel, however, is fairly inconsistent.


Is a right hander that is fairly section. It favours North winds and breaks off the eastern tip of Veymandhoo pass.

Bowling Alley

Is a picturesque deep-water peak which shuts down at the end. This wave is located on the west coast of Thaa atoll.



Is named after local surfer Zubair  as he surfs this wave by himself most of the time as there is nowhere to stay there and a boat trip will cost around $600. The wave is near the harbour where some right handers are groomed by the SW winds.

Thundi Beach

Has some reeling rights & wedging peaks on a SE swell & SW winds. It also has a nice shorey for the grommets to play around in.

Approach Lights

Is a gnarly right hander above 6ft as the outside bombs start to heave harder and faster. Best surfed on a high tide. Approach Lights’ is located on the southern tip of Addu Atoll.


Shangri-la is a great right that reels down the reef on the east coast of the island and adjacent to the Shangri-la resort.  Breaks from SE- SW swells and NE Winds.

Kanda Muli

Has a few peaks that break both left and right, however, neither of them are very long. When the swell is small and the wind is from the north there will be a few surfable peaks. Unfortunately this wave does not barrel. The left gets better when the swell is more solid as it breaks off the reef creating big fast walls to rip up. Breaks best on a mid-high tide, south swell & NW winds.

Air Equator Lefts

Located on the northeast point of Meedhoo Island, this fast barreling wave was first spotted by Andy Burr, the Air Equator airline pilot. The remote location of this Left means that you can be surfing solitary barrels with just you &your mates. The wave typically ranges from 2-6ft & is best with a south swell, NW winds and handles all tides.


To the west lies Kottey which is a left that works best on  S-SE winds & a medium tide. Kottey is very consistent, powerful wave as it is wide open to the Indian Ocean. The wave breaks quickly across the reef & can get heavy. This is another wave that you may just well score with just you and your mates as it is in the southern area which is visited less frequently.


Is a left that wraps around the reef pass like a point break.

Carpe Novo

The Cabins


Sun Deck