South Sumatra Damai Bungalows

The bungalows, which was locally designed and built, provides a two story open pavilion just a stone’s throw away from the ocean—a perfect place to relax and have a few bintangs with the distant views of the mountains and the coconut tree lined Mandiri beach in the background. On the ground floor you have the kitchen with a bar made out of river stone and dinner tables made out of Jati and on the second floor you have the hammock where you can relax while enjoying the elevated views of your surroundings.

The Bungalows only allows a number of 12 guests at one single time so you can be assured you will be well attended too by their staff—and what is so great about the staff is that all of them are from the local villages and have been around since the opening of the Bungalows. They have a billiard table, a tennis table, as well as satellite TV while there bar has a massive fridge that is fully stocked with cold beers and soft drinks. They also have a small shop nearby where you can buy snacks, cigarettes, etc.

Damai Bungalows, located just 30km South of Krui in South Sumatra is the perfect place to explore much of the regions almost untouched waves. UJUNG BOCOR, which is on the point of Tanjung Setia, is the longest and most consistent left hander in the region and it is located right in front of the bungalows. Book with us now to experience the beauty and empty quality surf that South Sumatra has to offer.

Damai Bungalows has 6 twin share bedrooms with each bedroom providing a spacious veranda out front with comfortable seats where you can hang out and relax. The pathway between the rooms is filled with lush and vibrant plants with gardens all around the camp and each of the bedrooms are equipped with 2 King size beds for ultimate comfort. Each bedroom comes with its very own bathroom complete with all its basic amenities.


Off Season Rates (November – end of April)


1 Pax USD 26 per night


“On” Season Rates (May-end of October)

7 Night Package


4 pax USD 317 per night
3 pax USD 331 per night
2 pax USD 357 per night
1 pax USD 438 per night



Damai bungalow’s which are located on Sumatra’s beautiful south coast caters for all skill levels of surfers from beginners to advanced. Shortboarders, longboarders & bodyboarders have all been able to get into at heap of waves & go home stoked.

Krui’s hosts a wide variety of waves from long point breaks, reef passes, dredging slabs and beachbreaks.

The owner of Damai Bungalow’s is an avid surfer. With 12+ years experience of surfing the beautiful southern coastline of Sumatra he has gained a wealth of knowledge and will be sure to put you at the right spot at the right time.

Damai Bungalows is directly infront of Ujung Bocor which is the longest, most consistent wave in the area. You can often score rides up to 200mts. The wave has a barrel section up the top of the point then rolls through to a long carveablewall which reels all the way down point.

Other than the amazing left straight out the front, there are many other barrelling lefts & rights, mellow reef breaks & many beach breaks.