Bali Lombok Sumbawa Dreamweaver Surf Charter Lombok & Bali

One of our favorite Surf charters, as its closest to our base and in 20 mins from our office in Bali, we can be on-board and on our way. In fact it is the only Bali based surf charter still in operation and unlike most boat charters she heads south to Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Pineda and around the Sth Lombok coast. The beauty of this charter is your journey time to get to the waves is short, only one airfare direct to Bali, and transfer to the boat and surf that day. With the wealth of knowledge by the experienced captain he will get you up to 3 sessions a day in the water if you can handle that. Unlike the Ments, with an abundance of Left-handers these guys will give you an even spread of lefts and rights with fewer crowds.

On board you will have unlimited food where as other charters only offer 3 meals a day and up to 5 free Bintangs a day as well. Complimentary Wifi throughout coupled with the traditional warm hospitality of the Balinese crewing your vessel. She sleeps 14 with heaps of space for storage, the dining area is on the top deck and open air, underneath is a chill out area fully air-conditioned with a TV and DVD player. The charter includes fishing gear and snorkelling equipment and has kick ass sound system to amp you up before your surf or chill to in the evening.

Let us organise your surf charter in Bali & Lombok aboard the Dreamweaver – best price guaranteed

Comes with a 4 meter dinghy to drop you and pick you up from the perfect takeoff position and guarantees you a surf every day. This has been tried and tested and is definitely worth a booking especially if its your first charter. Get in touch and talk to us today about their availability.


Dreamweaver can accommodate 14 guests comfortably in its large style bunk beds that are located below the deck. Their two lounges are fully air-conditioned and they also have a large covered and open air dining area, which is the perfect place to hang out between surf sessions. The vessel also provides you with more than enough space for all your bags and surfboards.



Season Period Nightly Rate Min Stay
Peak Season April – End of September USD 1,155 Nett 7 days
Low Season October – End of March USD 1,002 Nett 7 days


  • For up to 14 surfers only $13,745 USD (Saving $2,695 from open charters).


  • 7 days / 7 nights on-board Dreamweaver.
  • pick up and transfer from your hotel by air-conditioned vehicles on the first day of your trip, and return to your hotel at the end of the trip.
  • all your meals and snacks, as much as you can eat in fact, we don’t just give you 3 meals a day, basically if you are hungry we will feed you.
  • unlimited bottled water and soft drinks, 5 free Bintang beers per day each,(we also carry extra beer).
  • You will have the full use of all facilities and equipment on board, TV, DVD, free WiFi internet, and if you have an Ipod you can plug it straight into our sound system.
  • fishing gear, snorkelling and spearfishing gear, and an aluminium dingy with a 25 hp outboard to get you to the waves, and back to the boat at the end of each session.



Shipwrecks is the most prominent and popular waves on Nusa Lembongan. This right has a really fun wall and the conditions are its best at medium tide when it’s around 3 to 5 foot, but on a good day it can get bigger and produce some really awesome barrels.


Depending on the swell direction, this hollow right hander can produce the finest and most powerful barrels in the region. It is best surfed when it has a swell of 3 to 8 feet.


This is the perfect wave for those who are beginners and are trying to refine their skills. It has a right and a left, which is very simple and fun to surf. Breaks over a coral bottom and its best on medium swell that is 4-6 foot.


Desert Point

Desert Point is without a doubt the best lefthander in the world. You can score deep long barrels over 20secs . The take-off area is a little shifty and once you are up and going the wave starts reeling across the shallow reef, once you get further down the line the wave starts to grow, once it hits the grower section the caverns get faster and as wide a truck then usually shuts down at the end. Best surfed on a S-SW swell, SE winds and spring tides as the tide starts to drop and can be surfed throughout the whole low tide through to high, however, the wave usually shuts off when the tide reaches to high.


Is a right and left hander. The right needs a moderate SW swell to turn on and can barrel occasionally. The SE trades winds blow straight up the face into the barrel. The lefts are longer & wall up. Best conditions are Low – mid tide for the rights, high tide for the lefts and any E winds.

Outside Ekas

A powerful left hander that is shifty. This wave lines up at the base of steep cliffs at the Eastern side of the headland. This wave picks up a considerable amount of swell than inside Ekas. Can get good with size with long walls and the odd cover up section. Be wary of the strong currents.


A fast left with a few cover up sections. Across the bay is a fun right that needs a solid South swell to get in & NW winds to work. Deep inside the bay are a few more options & the reef cut at Meang may have some lefts & rights with North winds.

Inside Grupuk

There are 3 waves in this bay. On the inside there is a long right, The outside a big powerful left & Tattoo Point is an A-Frame with a long left hander & shorter right that is not very hollow, however, great for maneuvers.

Outside Grupuk

A deep water Bombora that is very fat and forgiving. A nice drop with plenty of shoulder make it easy for beginners when it is small & intermediates when it is big. Best on a South swell, however, gets blown out from any wind from the South. Best on Mid – high tides & often crowded.

Are Guling

Has 2 breaks. A right hander that has a quick inside section which is best at low – Mid-tide which has a fair amount of protection from the wind & a hollow left that is a bit shifty and works best on a mid -High tide.


Scar Reef

Scar Reef also known as “Scars” is located in West Sumbawa. High risk = high reward as the reef is very sharp and gets very shallow on the lower tides. Straight off the take-off the lip throws out then churns out multiple tube sections that you can backdoor racing down the line towards the gnarly inside section which closes out. The wave has many moods as the tide changes. On the low tide it starts to produce cylindrical mid-tide bowls. Best on a S-SW swell & SE winds & can handle 8-10ft+.

Super Sucks

“Supers” is very shallow & super sharp, however, worth the risk. As a solid W-SW swell starts to roll in this wave starts to light up showing is spectacular colours. As big walls of water march in and break off the boil on the outside of the bay it sucks up into a heaving left bowl that fires down the reef for 200mts+. The inside section of this reef gets really shallow before finally shutting down. Best on a S-SW swell, mid tide & SE winds.

 Yo-yo’s – The Wedge & The Hook

Are swell magnets as the swell marches into Sekongkang Bay it refracts off the cliffs allowing the SW swells to refract off the steep cliffs to form “The Wedge” which is an easy launch into some short punchy right handers. Further down the reef is the “The Hook” where you may get some barrels. Both waves do not handle the SE winds or big swells. Early mornings are the best with a mid tide.



9 / 10

Glen L, Sydney

Surfing Lombok and Bali was the perfect way to get as many waves as we could in the short period of time we had. The Dreamweaver was the best way to do this as it covered a lot of territory and took us to the best breaks whenever we wanted. Cannot recommend this highly enough. Thanks to Max and the team at WSA for all their help.

10 / 10

The Stegmann Family

Ian and the girls scored some fantastic waves - happy surfers, happy family!! A treat for the girls as usually they only get to surf a few of the day's in a holiday however the crew ensured that every day. Ian and the girls had at least one wave- on some they were getting up to three sessions.

The crew were fantastic!!! They really looked after us, we all had some good laughs and even some excitement when the boat hooked a Barracuda- girls also loved being taught how to catch squid and then great excitement having them served at the next meal! Food overall was superb!

WSA exclusive trip