Mentawais North Sumatra Telos Huey Surf Charters

The sleek and streamlined look of the Huey comes from the fact that it was used as a Patrol Vessel for Customs and was built in the shipyards of Japan for their government. She was built sturdy and remains reliable and due to its original purpose is able to go a little quicker than most other charter boats. The new owners then customized it to suit surfers looking to venture into far waters, with 11,000 litres fuel capacity the Huey can get you to those hidden gems with less crowds that are slightly out of reach of its competitors.

Although she has a consistent charter route through the Mentawais which offer 11 nights at sea including a late departure on your first night so you get 10 full days surfing. Depending on the swell and the conditions to maximize your wave time she will move whilst you sleep so when you wake you are somewhere new each day. The layout of the vessel means the cabins for sleeping are all below deck as well as a nicely laid out TV room, fully air-conditioned throughout your comfort has been taken into account. You will dine above deck allowing you to watch the sunset over your last session and warm discussions of that perfect wave or that deep barrel. At the front of the vessel they have created an area of shade to chill out and either watch the surf, read a book or have a few beers, with the breeze washing over you.

Huey Surf Charter Specialists – Let WSA book your Mentawai’s Surf Charter we are 100% Australian Owned & Operated.

From February to October the Mentawais is her focus with a change of season she moves North for a few months, but in any one trip you can expect to surf a minimum of half a dozen breaks up to well over a dozen breaks all of world class quality. This is an ideal boat for a crew of people to go together but allows itself to lend to single surfers joining others as well.

Huey is solid, safe and secure and will deliver you to places you’ve only dreamt about. Enquire now to see if there is a spot for you or your mates in the coming season.

Huey has three sleeping cabins that can accommodate up to 11 guests comfortably. One cabin can sleep 8 guests, another cabin can accommodate two, and they also have a couple’s cabin. All three cabins, including the galley and TV room are equipped with a ducted and split AC system for maximum comfort. The vessel also has an awesome TV room with a full surround sound system, a satellite TV, and an extensive movie library (over 800 movies!).



10 Day Trip USD 24,638
11 Day Trip USD 26,087
12 Day Trip USD 27,537


  • Transfers to and from Padang Airport.
  • You can fly in and out on the dates of your charter. E.g. Charter May 11 – 22. Fly in anytime on the 11th and fly out anytime on the 22nd.
  • 3 Awesome meals per day including snacks, desserts etc.
  • 6 pack of Bintang per day per guest.
  • Extra guests can be accommodated for. Please enquire for details.
  • Full use of all amenities on board.
  • Use of Canon EOS 7D and 400mm lens. Bring a hard drive so you can take your photos home.
  • Unlimited use of our speedboat for accessing different breaks and fishing.
  • Mentawai Tax.


  • Satellite phone charges
  • Extra Beers, Wine and Spirits. We can order these for you, charged at local cost price.


Huey cruises around Thailand and the Telo Islands a couple weeks in November and January, but during the rest of the year they are fully committed to the Mentawais. Although there is no way you get to surf all the surf breaks in the region on a single trip, you do get the chance to surf between 5-15 different breaks which include famous waves such as Macaronis, Rifles, or Lances. If you are looking for some quality time with just you and your mates on the boat, the well knowledge staff can take you to lesser-known spots.

Kandui Lefts

This wave is a very quick left-hander and starts working on the high tide when the swell starts hitting at 6-10 ft with a South West swell & light East-South East winds. The wave breaks for up to 300mts throwing out deep amazing barrels sections. Draw your line and hold on as you could possibly get the best barrel of your life.

Baby Kandui 

Just tucked around the corner from Kandui there is baby Kandui which is shorter, however, can be just as full on and perfect as Kandui. This turns on when Kandui is 6 ft+. The wave is better on a high tide and needs a South West swell & South winds.

A Frames

A Frames can have two sections depending on the swell and the tide. The one outside is most consistent & has fun take offs and long walls. The wave holds big and gets better when it gets more solid. When the inside bowl is working there is a nice barrel section. Works the best on a big south swell at low tide.

4 Bobs

A short and very wackable fun right-hander that breaks over a shallow sharp reef.  Needs a Northerly wind &  mid tides & 3 -5 ft. Very shallow on low tide. A great option when the everywhere is blown out by west-southwest winds.


One of the longest & most perfect rights on the planet.  Needs a big south swell and northerly winds to turn on. Best at 5-8ft with a mid-high tide.

Bank Vaults

This deep water heaving right hander marches straight in from the indian ocean and is best on a south swell and North winds. Breaks on all tides, however, is better with an incoming tide. It can handle 12ft+.  Great take off with a big slab section at the end.


Is the most consistant wave in the playgrounds area. It offers a nice big take off and a long wall that you can tear up down the line with a barrel section when it is small and on a low tide. Breaks on all tides the lower being better with a North wind.


When over 6 ft this wave is powerful, perfect and hollow and when it is less than 5 ft it is a nice easy wave with 2 nice barrel sections. Works on all tides, however, more hollow at low tide. Best with a North East wind and big west swell.


“Teles” is one of the bests lefts around. It is not as consistent as other spots, however, with a solid South West swell and light South easterlies this wave turns into a tube machine with rippable sections along the way producing long rides up to 200 mts.

Seven Palms

It is a very fun, rippable wave that can barrel on the right conditions. Suitable to surfers of any skill level and for those chasing some deeper barrels can venture up the reef. Great option when everywhere is small. Does not handle above 6ft. Good on all tides, however, gets very shallow on the low.

Lances Left

Lances left is located at the bottom of Sipora island just around the corner from Lances Right and is very consistent. When the wind is from the East & the swell is from the South up to 3 sections can reel into the bay delivering anything from big walls to draining barrels. Works best on the Mid tide & handles as 12ft+. Getting caught inside when it is big is easy to do and surfing the wave all the way to the end to greedy’s then falling off will put you high and dry, if this happens use the keyhole out the front of Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Lances Right

Lance’s Right is one of the most perfect powerful waves on the planet. When the swell is 6-8ft from the SW, light W or no wind, at least 2hrs of tide this wave turns into an insane barrel machine.  You can get barreled all the way from the office until the surgeons table. It is fairly consistent considering the swell has to wrap around the bottom of the island of Sipora. Trying to get back out when caught inside on a solid swell can be risky as you can end up high and dry on the surgeons table. Best bet is to play it safe and head towards shore over the reef and go around into the deep channel and paddle back out and have another crack.


Macas has been voted by many as the funnest wave in the world as it breaks perfectly along the reef delivering multiple tube & whackable sections that you can really open up on. Your surfing level will be taken to the next level when you spend time here as the wave gives you a blank canvas to fine tune your surfing. When it is 2-5ft is is very fun and playful, however, when it gets above 6ft is starts doubling up and throws out heavy barrels. Best on a SSW swell & SE wind. Breaks on all tides.

Macaronis Right

Maccas right also know as KFC’s is a great escape for those who want to surf with just a few mates and is located only 5 mins across the bay from Maccas. It is best N-NE wind & a decent S swell with a fair amount of tide to cover the sharp reef fingers that protrude on low tide.

Rags Left

Is a long left with multiple barrel sections. This was an amazing wave before the earthquake, however on a big SW swell, SE winds & a mid tide you can score some freight train rides. When the swell is massive you can backdoor some sections that open up as wide as a truck. Don’t fall on the inside section as there is a high chance you will end up high and dry and the very sharp reef.

Rags Right

Probably the shallowest and one of the gnarliest waves in the ments. This wave is best on a South swell, North winds and a mid tide. The wave reels down the reef serving you some very long quick barrels. Rags right is suited for advanced surfers and is a great spectator wave as the charter boats anchor right in the channel looking straight into the barrel.


Picks up the most swell in the entire Mentawai archipelago. It is best when it is 3-4ft with a South swell as it hugs the reef and barrels on the inside. Breaks on all tides and is best in a SE wind. Thunders max out at 8-10 ft. Be wary sitting on the inside when it is big as you there is a high chance that you will get caught inside.

Telo Islands

Check out Telos surfs break on our destinations page for in depth descriptions of some of the spots Huey can access in the Telo islands. 


9.5 / 10

Gary V, Perth

Spent 10 days on Huey Surf Charters cruising the Mentawai's and the experience was nothing short of fantastic. The food, the boat, the crew were all very friendly & there was a real sense of adventure about this trip. I cannot thank the team at World Surf Adventures enough for making the whole process so easy and for getting us that great deal....cheers guys!