Maldives Just Surf Villa & Lodge

Like most surfers thinking of a trip to the tropical perfection of the Maldives, all you want to do is just surf.  Without sacrificing your creature comforts, of course.

At the Just Surf Villa and Lodge on the island of Himmafushi, you can surf all you want, and when you’re not surfing, chill out at this unique guest house for surfers that combines laid back tropical leisure with local culture.

With the Villa as home base, you can surf by land and by sea.  A short stroll and quick paddle off the beach and you’re in lineup at the fabled righthander of Jailbreaks, the Villa’s “home break.”    It’s often described as a softer – and warmer! – version of J-Bay.

Or hop aboard the Villa’s twice-daily dhoni ferry service (including in the package) to the other nearby breaks.  The North Male Atolls are home to some of the best and most consistent waves during the surf season, starting from April through October.  Within a ten to forty minute dhoni ride are lefts and rights, mellow walls and thick barrels, long board cruisers and hi-tech ramps. The Villa’s surf guide will organize the trips for you, and with his local knowledge will put you in the best and most uncrowded surf of the day.  There’s something for everyone, at all skill levels.

The villa boasts four spacious air-conditioned double rooms with bathrooms and verandah.  Relax and spread out in one of the two large living rooms, each equipped with fun and games and an entertainment system.  Chill out in the pool as the day’s catch is barbecuing on the grill.  Three square meals a day keeps the energy up, the menu featuring fresh seafood and a variety of local and international dishes. If you want to live it up at one of the nearby tony resorts, the dhoni ferry service (15 to 45 minutes) is included in the package.

The Just Surf folks also operate a communal lodge that is great value for the money but  with the same high standards, both in and out of the surf.

Fishing and snorkeling excursions are cheerfully arranged.  For a modest fee, a professional surf photographer will document your trip.

Just Surf Villas and Lodge—the perfect home base for just going surfing in Maldive perfection.





The Villa

The villa is a really unique guest house in the Maldives that comes with a private pool. The Villa has 4 large rooms with its own en-suite bathroom and private balcony complete with AC for maximum comfort. The villa also has 2 massive living room areas with all the entertainment you need like TV, DVD, musical instruments and even a fussbal table. With its 4 extra beds (available on request), the Villa can accommodate up to 12 surfers comfortably. The Villa also comes with a fully equipped kitchen.

The Lodge

This brand new renovated lodge, located just across the villa with its lush vibrant tropical gardens and sitting area offers you 4 very spacious rooms with its own en-suite bathroom and air-conditioning units to keep you cooled throughout the day and night. The large living room with its entertainment system can really entertain a large crowd, and when you feel like for a swim, just head next door to the Villa as all guests are free to use the pool facilities at the Villa. The lodge can also accommodate up to 12 surfers with its extra 4 beds and all meals are served at the Villa next door.





The is a right hander that is now open to the public and just right in front of the villa and lodge. There are 2-3 main sections and when this place is pumping, you can expect 200 metre rides. Bring a super performance board for this break.


Just a short motor boat ride from HP reef close by North of Himmafushi Island. Great for the crew that prefer waves in the 4ft-6ft range. Stories we hear from this break are always positive. If Sultans is too busy head over to this break.


This place is a must visit when in the Maldives. It’s one of those waves that we all love; an easy right which then opens up about 20-30 m later to a fast wall. Love this place! Sultans is protected from the South wind and will bear the full brunt of swell so it’s best to go there in smaller conditions.


Off Kani Resort this right hander is for the intermediate to experienced – lots of swell currents and rips so take it easy as it can be less than predictable


If you are like most of us you want to be able to smash those left hand walls and Lohis gives you this opportunity, all outside Lohifushi Resort. Go for a surf, then come in for lunch and then head out again – perfect!!


You have to be super fit for this wave as this left hander goes on for more than 450 metres. Feel the burn in your legs increase as the wave goes on and on. It’s incredibly fast so bring a short performance board. You must – I repeat must check this place out at least once. Tick it off your bucket list.


A great right hander that works best when the swell is between 2-3m. Well worth a paddle.


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