Mentawais Kandui Villas Mentawai’s

If you are one of those surfers who demand the epitome of luxury and also require world class waves, then look no further, Kandui Villa’s are without a doubt World Surf Adventures most elite Surf Resort and going one step further you could even say they are one of the best in world in delivering pure unadulterated opulent extravagance to their guests.

The villas are situated in the heart of the Playgrounds region of the world famous Mentawai Islands, built with sustainably sourced materials and finished with local hardwoods designed in the traditional Mentawai theme highlighting the islands rich culture and art and capitalising on the native environment.

You have access to your own 53 foot speed boat which will pick you up from the mainland and will also deliver you to in excess of 20 plus world class waves within close proximity of your resort. When youre not surfing you can chill in one of the only infinity pools of Nth Sumatra and be catered for by the islands talented international chefs. Perched in front of the beach and the well known Kandui Left you can finish the day watching the most amazing majestic sunsets sipping a cocktail knowing full well that you are residing in the most luxurious accommodation in the Mentawais.

 If you want to surf in the Mentawai’s and you want to stay in luxurious villa style accommodation then you simply must stay at Kandui Villas

After years of of following their dream and no amount of endless hard work the owners have completed their mission of creating the complete red carpet treatment for those discerning surfers who want it all and may want to bring their families and keep them happy whilst in the water. Offering a full spa, nanny service, gym, day excursions, snorkelling, fishing and more, Kandui is without a doubt a surf experience that you will never forget and with resident photographers your memories will last a lifetime, or until next season, because once you’ve been you’ll want to come back again.

5 reasons to choose Kandui Villas:

  1. This is one of the first resorts in the Mentawai.
  2. The Kandui Villas provides accommodation for the likes of pro surfers like Slater, John John, Fanning and other well known celebrities. They love this place – so if they love it, we are confident you will as well
  3. You are staying in luxury right in the heart of the Mentawai’s – there is nothing better than after an epic day’s surfing, than to come back to the resort and spend the night in serious luxury!
  4. All extras and amenities have been included in the package PLUS Kandui Villas has the only infinity pool in West Sumatra!
  5. There’s fine dining, great really healthy food a day spa, as well as a nanny service for the kids. Oh yes …it’s very family friendly. So this is an ideal family holiday.


Kandui Villas has 12 unique umas to ensure that every time you stay at the villa you can get a unique experience depending on which uma you choose to stay in. All of the umas are hand carved to different animals or jungle theme and feature furniture made of local hardwoods. The villa provides nine luxury umas and one triple uma. The triple uma is three of your regular sized umas linked together.

All of the umas are facilitated with 3 or 2 king sized beds, and 2 double beds. The 2 king sized beds are downstairs and the 1 king size bed or 2 double beds are placed in their roomy second story loft. Each uma is 7.5 meter wide x 10.5 meter long and they can fit up to 4 people, making it perfect from singles, couples to families or group of friends. The back of each uma is built on a reservoir that can hold close to 10,000 gallons of rain water and their bathroom and shower facilities are comfortable and clean with beautiful Bali stone flooring. They are all equipped with a 2 air-conditioning units for ultimate comfort.

The names of each Uma are: 1. Biowak (monitor lizard). 2. Monyet (monkey). 3. Ikan (fish) 4. Kura (turtle). 5. Burung (bird). 6-8. The triple uma is called ‘Sikerei’ (shaman). 9. Buaya (crocodile). 10. Lumba (dolphin) 11. Utan (jungle). 12. Koat (Wave).


HIGH SEASON (April-early October)

Surfer USD 335 per day
Non Surfer USD 250 per day
couple USD 595 per day
Child (13-16 yrs) USD 190 per day
Child (6-12 yrs) USD 80 per day



  • Couple gets an exclusive use of Uma
  • Price does not include USD 600 per person Padang-Kandui-Padang Transportation fee
  • Transportation for children 3 years and under sitting on their parents lap will be free of charge
  • Additional charges during your stay can include alcoholic beverages and other bar items, photography and video services, massages, wifi internet usage, and equipment rentals, if you choose to utilize any of these services


LOW SEASON (October-March)

Surfer USD 265 per day
Non Surfer USD 175 per day
couple USD 425 per day
Child (13-16 yrs) USD 120 per day
Child (6-12 yrs) USD 50 per day



  • Couple gets an exclusive use of Uma
  • Price does not include a round trip (Padang-Siberut) ferry and transfer chargers of USD 110 per person or USD 160 per person including one board bag
  • Price does not include a Long Boat ride to/from ferry transfer location to the villa. It is USD 400 round trip for a single engine boat for 1-4 people or USD 800 for a double engine boat which can hold 1-8 people
  • Transportation for children 3 years and under sitting on their parents lap will be free of charge
  • Additional charges during your stay can include alcoholic beverages and other bar items, photography and video services, massages, wifi internet usage, and equipment rentals, if you choose to utilize any of these services


Kandui Lefts

This wave is a very quick left-hander and starts working on the high tide when the swell starts hitting at 6-10 ft with a South West swell & light East-South East winds. The wave breaks for up to 300mts throwing out deep amazing barrels sections. Draw your line and hold on as you could possibly get the best barrel of your life.

Baby Kandui 

Just tucked around the corner from Kandui there is baby Kandui which is shorter, however, can be just as full on and perfect as Kandui. This turns on when Kandui is 6 ft+. The wave is better on a high tide and needs a South West swell & South winds.

A Frames

A Frames, which is only 5 mins boat ride from the villas,  can have two sections depending on the swell and the tide. The one outside is most consistent & has fun take offs and long walls. The wave holds big and gets better when it gets more solid. When the inside bowl is working there is a nice barrel section. Works the best on a big south swell at low tide.

4 Bobs

A short and very wackable fun right-hander that breaks over a shallow sharp reef.  Needs a Northerly wind &  mid tides & 3 -5 ft. Very shallow on low tide. A great option when the everywhere is blown out by west-southwest winds. Also only 5 mins from Kandui Villas via boat


One of the longest & most perfect rights on the planet.  Needs a big south swell and northerly winds to turn on. Best at 5-8ft with a mid-high tide.


This beautiful right just down the reef from Riffles has a fun barrel section and nice walls. It breaks on all tides on a shallow reef. Needs a small southerly swell and north winds. Great option on smaller days.

Little Nias

This fun left & right is perfect for beginners. It is good in all tides and breaks from 2-4 ft with Northerly winds.


A beautiful left hander that breaks over a pristine colorful coral reef. This spot can be accessed from the villa only 10 mins with a boat and breaks best when its 6-8ft & South winds. Breaks on all tides and gets very hollow on the lower tide.

Bank Vaults

This deep water heaving right hander marches straight in from the indian ocean and is best on a south swell and North winds. Breaks on all tides, however, is better with an incoming tide. It can handle 12ft+.  Great take off with a big slab section at the end. 15 minute boat ride from Kandui Villas


Is the most consistant wave in the playgrounds area. It offers a nice big take off and a long wall that you can tear up down the line with a barrel section when it is small and on a low tide. Breaks on all tides the lower being better with a North wind. Also 15 minutes boat ride from the villa


When over 6 ft this wave is powerful, perfect and hollow and when it is less than 5 ft it is a nice easy wave with 2 nice barrel sections. Works on all tides, however, more hollow at low tide. Best with a North East wind and big west swell.


Is a very consistent left when there is a small southwest swell running. Located 25 minutes from the villa via boat, it is best from 3-6 ft and is excellent for all levels of surfers. Good on all tides.


Is a very fun right hander and is best at 3-5 ft, works on all tides and it is great for all levels of surfers as the take off is easy which then leads into a nice playful wall.


Possibly the  most picturesque right-hander is in the world. It can be long and very playful and sometimes barrels when the section comes closer to the rocks on a lower tide. It is great for hacks and speed turns and is suited for all levels of surfing.  Sometimes when the winds are more east, you can go around the island where there is a fun left. 35 minutes from Kandui Villas with boat.

9 / 10

Mark + Renee, Sydney

We stayed at Kandui Villas for a week and the place was so relaxing, peaceful and serene. The whole set up is geared for so much down time but except for the surfing which was an added bonus. The boat took us out to the break everyday where I surfed for 3 hours in the morning and after a sensational healthy lunch and a bit of a nap I was back out there again for a late afternoon session. This place is absolute heaven.

January 3, 2016