Mentawais Macaronis Resort – Mentawai’s

Macaronis Surf Resort has grown from strength to strength over the last few years and is now one of the most amazing holiday destinations, we think on the planet. Macca’s as its known is ideal for families, couples, individuals or even groups – the best thing about Macca’s apart from the sensational wave in front is that it truly does cater for all, you can choose not to surf yet still have an amazing time, you can choose to learn to surf and they will fully support you, or you can just get out there and rip what the Pro-surfers call one of the most fun waves to surf in the world. This resort has all the extras without the price tags attached.

The resort is quite remote from the rest of civilization allowing you the chance to really escape and explore, sitting on the edge of Silabu salt water lagoon just across the bay from Macaronis surf break on Siniai Island in the southern area of the Mentawais. Harbouring a massive free form lagoon style swimming pool this place delivers everything you could want, great food, great service, great accommodation and loads of extras thrown in, such as soft learn to surf boards, SUP’s, snorkelling and fishing equipment, kayaks and canoes, pool tables and a ping pong table. The area is yours to explore and do as little or as much as your energy level allows.

Macaronis Resort is the ideal option for those looking surfers or holiday makers wanting more privacy than a boat charter, with the added benefit of being of land. Also one really important point to note is that the resort is very family friendly with heaps to do for those partners or family members not surfing. It is an ideal Mentawai’s surfing vacation.

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From a surf perspective apart from Macaroni’s you’ve got an array of other magical waves within easy access of your abode. Green bush, Thunders, Maccas Right, Little Maccas, Rednuht and Bat Caves to name a few. But by far the most consistent, with onshore and offshore winds, low and high tide is Maccas itself. Get into it!!

Macaronis Resort has 16 refurbished guests’ suits which are located on the second floor of the main building. By having the suites 8m above sea-level you get to enjoy the wonderful sea breezes and are spoilt with breathtaking views of the ocean, lagoon, and swimming pool. Each suite has a 4m veranda with seating and drop-down shades to ensure you get the privacy you need. The rooms are also noise proof and are kept cool using maximum thermal and acoustic insulated floors, walls, and ceiling.


  • Spectacular Ocean, Lagoon & Pool Views
  • En-Suite Bathroom with Hot Water
  • 4m Veranda with Seating & Privacy Shades
  • Split Air Conditioner
  • Proper Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
  • 32″ Flat Screen TV & DVD Player
  • International Channels & Sports
  • Macas Channel: Live Surf Cam Broadcast
  • Work Desk & Clothes Storage
  • In-Room Free WiFi Internet
  • Bedding Options: Queen or Two Twins
  • New Mattresses & Bedding
  • Daily Service & Clean Towels




Macas has been voted by many as the funnest wave in the world as it breaks perfectly along the reef delivering multiple tube & whackable sections that you can really open up on. Your surfing level will be taken to the next level when you spend time here as the wave gives you a blank canvas to fine tune your surfing. When it is 2-5ft is is very fun and playful, however, when it gets above 6ft is starts doubling up and throws out heavy barrels. Best on a SSW swell & SE wind. Breaks on all tides.

Macaronis Right

Maccas right also know as KFC’s is a great escape for those who want to surf with just a few mates and is located only 5 mins across the bay from Maccas. It is best N-NE wind & a decent S swell with a fair amount of tide to cover the sharp reef fingers that protrude on low tide.


A left hander that is often empty and provides you with some very clean waves. It is the perfect wave for those who are beginners at surfing reef breaks and looking to built their confidence.

Fish Fingers

Located in the bay, only 150m from the entrance of the resort, this surf spot is a really fun and mellow right hander that is perfect for beginners. The wave breaks over a shallow sand bottom.


This wave is fickle and should only be approached by surfers that are willing to commit. For those who choose to have a crack at “The Bush” they could come away with the best tube of their life. The peak stands up like a cobra then unleashes all is fury across the shallow reef. Once you are locked into the barrel there is no escape forcing you to commit 100% all the way to the end.  You may get spit out at the end section or you may get shut down on. Works best on a South swell and North wind on a mid – high tide.


A long right hander that breaks along a fringing reef with a beautiful little island as the backdrop, very picturesque. It holds 10ft+, works on all tides and needs a NE wind. Very rarely gets crowded and a great beginner wave.

Rags Left

Is a long left with multiple barrel sections. This was an amazing wave before the earthquake, however on a big SW swell, SE winds & a mid tide you can score some freight train rides. When the swell is massive you can backdoor some sections that open up as wide as a truck. Don’t fall on the inside section as there is a high chance you will end up high and dry and the very sharp reef.

Rags Right

Probably the shallowest and one of the gnarliest waves in the ments. This wave is best on a South swell, North winds and a mid tide. The wave reels down the reef serving you some very long quick barrels. Rags right is suited for advanced surfers and is a great spectator wave as the charter boats anchor right in the channel looking straight into the barrel.


Picks up the most swell in the entire Mentawai archipelago. It is best when it is 3-4ft with a South swell as it hugs the reef and barrels on the inside. Breaks on all tides and is best in a SE wind. Thunders max out at 8-10 ft. Be wary sitting on the inside when it is big as you there is a high chance that you will get caught inside.

9 / 10

Mark R, Brisbane

We'd just like to thank the guys at World Surf Adventures for helping us book our trip to the Macaronis Resort in the Mentawai's. The whole process was so easy and simple and I loved the way Max and Lee came up with those added surfing tips. All we had to do was give then the dates for the 4 of us and they took care of absolutely everything. No fuss, no hassle, these guys DO GO the extra mile. Flights, transfers were all taken care of.

9.5 / 10

Wayne M. Sydney

We had better surf than I ever imagined and the resort was perfect for myself and my family. There was heaps for them to do whilst I was busy getting barreled. It's a top resort for a family and very peaceful. I want to thank Steve and Mark at World Surf Adventures for making this possible. I know I wasn't the easiest client, but you put up with me and delivered and thats why I writing this - well done guys!