North Sumatra Mahi Mahi Boat Charters

This resort in Northern Sumatra offers a 42ft boat with sleeping quarters, recently outfitted with new engines, it reaches cruising speeds of 20 knots giving it the capability of transporting small groups of 5 surfers to the outer islands of Northern Sumatra at speed and hitting the world class waves known as the Banyaks. Almost acting like a “strike mission” swiftly taking a small crew from break to break maximising on the best swell direction and size enabling you to spend more time in the water and keeping away from crowds, and moving with the winds and tides. The charter starts with a minimum of 3 days up to a maximum of 10 days and is completely tailor made by your wants and desires.

You can double this up with the resort, and stay a couple of days in the Mahi Mahi bungalows, do a charter for a few days then head back to the island and complete your tour with a few more nights on land in one of their unique bungalows. Great for first timers not used to boat charters.

This speedboat can accommodate up to 5 guests comfortably. The couches in the main dining area can be converted into really comfortable beds and guests can also sleep at the bow of the boat.


Boat trips are between USD 1000-1200 a day for up to 5 passenger for a minimum of 3 days.

Trips are primarily to the world class surf of the Banyak Islands.

Lizards nest

A long right that can produce 10 Sec tubes when the swell is solid from the SSW. When you are there keep your eye our for the mysterious lizards nest. Best in a SSW swell, North winds & a mid-high tide.Hands up who wants to surf classic 10 second barrels? This place is just south of Palau Pinang and is a beautiful right hander. Definitely worth going to. The stories we hear and the feedback we get is seriously positive.

Treasure island

Once you roll into the easy take off this right-hander fires off down the line throwing out up to 5 barrel sections which are linked by ripable walls that run for over 250m+. Best with a solid SSW swell, NW winds and works on all tides. Inside the bay is Minis, a fun right-hander with a short barrel and rippable face, better on bigger swells.

If you are into point breaks ( and not the movie) then this is your go to surf break. It’s considered by many as one of Indonesia’s best reef breaks. You are going to love the scenery and the vibe as this place is a protected island. If you want to shred walls of up to 250 metres then this place will blow your mind.

Due to the nature and popularity of the wave this place can get busy with other charter boats when big SW swells combine with NW winds, but there so many waves here that all you need to do is be patient, wait your turn and enjoy the next 2 minutes as you rip, tear and burn down the line.


On the right swell direction Cobras can be long left hand barrel that is also a swell magnet. Great spot to go to when everywhere is small. Best with a SW swell, East winds and works on all tides. Across the channel there is Warrenswhich is a right-hand peak.


 A fun left-hand peak and a great wall that reels along the reef then onto a white sandy beach where the it is known where the turtles nest. Best with a SW swell, East winds & works on Tides.

Bay of plenty

 The Bay of Plenty has 2 lefts & a right which are very consistent.This is more of a left ( typical Indo), where you are going to get wave overkill. You will find that this place is not too crowded, which is why you are there in the first place. Go for it and rip it up!

  • Outside Left – LolokA draining left that barrels over shallow reef. The wave is on the south side of the bay and is best surfed on a high tide.
  • Outside Right – GuntursIs a right hander that barrels on the right swell direction & works on more Northerly winds
  • Inside Left – DindosIs a left hander deep inside the bay. It needs a solid swell and a mid to high tide to turn on, when it does it offers fun walls & barrels. Best with a SW swell, SE winds & a mid- high tide.