Nias Nias Keyhole Surf Camp

It’s more than just the legendary right.

But of course you’re going to surf it.  After all, you’re looking at the break straight from the verandah of The Keyhole Surf Camp. It’s surfable at all tides and swell. All you have to do is grab your board and paddle out through the keyhole and get barreled off your head. But there are other waves in the region too. With his local inside knowledge, owner Timotius “Timmy” Wau can point you to other rights and lefts, from machine-like barrels to high performance ramps to friendly beach breaks. Accessible by hiking, boat, or car.  Surf school instruction is also available.  If Nias goes flat, ask Timmy to about an excursion to the big wave spots of Asu or Bawa.

Owned and operated by Timmy and Santi Wau since 2003, The Keyhole Camp gives you a warm home feel, from airport pickup to return.  Sweet surf dreams in one of the seven bedrooms (each with private toilet), kept comfy and impeccably clean.  The food? Well, many travelers have declared that Santi’s meals are the most scrumptious surf camp food in the world. Timmy has had years of experience working on some of the most reputable surf charters boats in the region, knowledge he has brought to making his homestay one of the best in the region.  Passionate about photography, he’s the guy to document to your surf adventure so all you have to do is the surfing.

The Nias Keyhole Surf Camp:  homestay surfing at its best, at one of the world’s best barreling rights.




The camp is family owned and operated and is the perfect accommodation for surfers and guests who are looking for a convenient stay. All the seven guestrooms are very clean and comfortable with white sheet/bedding and its own private bathroom with flush toilets. Each of the single beds in the rooms can be joined together to make a larger double bed and each room is equipped with two large sized wall fans to make sure you are kept cool throughout the day and night.

The camp also has an outdoor rinse shower that is available for all the guests to use as well as a large balcony which is the perfect place to watch the waves. The hangout area of the camp includes TV with DVD player and sound system.


$ 540 USD per person


  • 11 Days and 10 Nights staying at KeyHole surf camp.
  • Airport transfer pickup (Arrival & Departure) Destination 3 hour drive each way.
  •  Daily Land Cruiser/Jeep Toyota or Motorbike with surfboard racks transport to other surf breaks around  Rockstar (Hilisataro) and 8 frame (Sau’a) or Nias secret Left on that given day or guest request.
  •  All meals .
  • 2 Fresh Fruit Juices and Soft drink / Day.
  •  1 Large Bottled water / Day.
  •  Snorkeling Gears
  •  Traditional villages and Waterfall tour – Depending on the surfing
  • Room with the Private bathroom and Air conditioning / AC or With the wall fan.
  •  Free Wi-fi
  • All Activities


Nias islands in eastern Indonesia are considered one of the most consistent surfing adventure destinations in the world. The perfect world class right hander at Sorake bay has been said to be the first world class wave to be discovered in the Sumatra region and it is located right in front of the camp. The devastating Earthquake of 2005 has blessed the region by raising the tide mark as well as improving the quality of the barrels.  The waves now pick up on any swell size and surfable on all tides and its exposure to the southern Indian Ocean gives this region an outstanding consistency and quality all year round.

Main Break

The camps main break is located right in front of your doorstep and can be accessed with just a short paddle to the line-up. This perfect right hander can be surfed on both low and high tides and can get up to over 12 feet and provides you with jaw-dropping barrels. Its best size is when its 4-12 feet high and can be surfed by surfers of all levels of ability depending on the size and condition of the day.


This wave is located just above the camps Main break and can be seen from the right side of the camps lounge. On high tide and with the right swell, this break can offer you some of the thickest, fast, and hallowest tubes in the world. Be wary though as it’s near a shallow reef and can be scary to even some of the most experiences surfers.

The Machine

The name only came about after the 2005 earthquake as the rising of the reef makes this left hander now one of the fastest, down the line, left hand barrels in the world. This wave can provide you with a long tube and an easy paddle back out once you’re out. Only a 5 minute motorbike ride from the camp.

8 frame DP

Located near hiliduha village, approximately 15 km from the camp or a 20 minute car/motorbike ride, this wave can break either left or right.  Its best size and condition is when its 5-9 feet high and offers you great left and right hander barrels. Be wary though as the take-off can be a little bit tricky to navigate.

Walo Hiu

Depending on swell and wind direction, this lefty can produce an epic 10 second barrel. Located north from the camp, this break can be access via a 30 minute adventure walk through the jungle or you can take a 15 minute boat ride. This wave is suitable for surfers of all level and is best on 6-10 feet and peels down the line which offers great walls for some fun maneuvers and big carving turns as well as hunting for the inside barrels.


A thick, sizeable, punching right hander that can provide you with great fun with its different take off sections.  It is in its best condition when it is 6-8 feet high with NE wind blowing. Only for experienced surfers as the wave is constantly shifting.


This wave is located next to Hilistaro Village which is just around the corner from 8-frams. This short fast right hander has a quick take off and is suitable for surfers with all levels of experience. Can be accessed be a 30 minute car ride from the camp.

Beach Break

Only a 5 minute motorbike ride from the camp, located in Ladungri bay, this sandy bottom beach is the perfect place to sharpen your skills as it’s the perfect wave for learning.