Sumba Nihiwatu

The Perfect set up! off-shore reef break.  Blue tropical ground swells & no crowds.

Everybody’s chasing uncrowded surf spots, and even if you think you’re headed to one on some boat or plane, these days you simply don’t know who’s going to be there.

Not at Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba.  The Resort holds rights to the legendary left-hander directly in front and for this left will only book a maximum of ten surfers at any time.  As the break is a powerful and challenging barrel, especially in the winter season from May to September, only skilled surfers are given these coveted slots.This is a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity. When was the last time you took your time getting out to an empty lineup?  At Nihiwatu, there’s no need to rush at all. You know it’s going to be only you and your friends out there.  Maybe just you.

You could be one of these lucky few if you pre-book, but even if you don’t, Nihiwatu also warmly welcomes other surfers to stay at the resort and enjoy the other breaks in the region, especially in the non-trade wind season.  The variety of these waves match any surfing level, from beginners to advanced.  Nihiwatu waterman instructors provide expert instruction and advice, so much so that Nihiwatu has achieved cult status forsafe and secure ocean fun for their guests. The watermen know this dynamic oceanand waves and will get you to the right spot at the right time.  No need to hassle bringing your own boards, as the Resort’s Boathouse offers a range of surfboards for guests to ride, at no additional cost.

There’s more than just surfing at the Resort.  Located in a stunning and pristine environment, immersed in a unique tribal culture, Nihiwatu offers one of the world’s premier resort experiences. It’s more than just the luxury and comfort of being pampered by the friendly staff. From wellness treatments to horseback riding to deep sea fishing to horseback village excursions, there are plenty of other things to do and fill your day with magic and memories.





This estate is the winner of the Best Design Award of PURE 2015. The Raja Mendaka is Chris Burch’s estate, the owner of Nihiwatu. This is beyond a doubt the most amazing and spectacular estate at the resort with its prime location that gives you access to spectacular views of the waves and the coastline.

This estate contains 5 individual villas with its own private swimming pool and takes over most of the land of the resort. Designed for families or traveling groups this estate provides you with very large entertaining areas while each villa still maintains its own privacy. The expansive living and dining area takes center stage with views to the coastline and the Indian Ocean and don’t forget the open deck that includes a 19M pool with an ice cold plunge pool and fully equipped kitchen.

The Master Bedrooms are located on a prime position giving you breathtaking views to the majestic sunset and is equipped with a day bed, large bathroom and shower with an outdoor bathtub. The Masters guestroom is located to the left of the main area and also includes a large bathroom with shower, outdoor bathtub and its very own private pool.

The remaining one bedroom two story villas are located on the slope of the hill and were designed to reflect the traditional Sumbanese house with western comforts. These villas are equipped with a large living room with bathroom and a private bathroom with its very own infinity pool located in front of the lounging area. The air conditioned study at the back is perfect for the kids to watch a movie or for a place to work. Located upstairs is the bedroom with a platform that puts you amongst the topical trees with a majestic outdoor jungle bathroom. The Raja Mendaka 2 is unique due to its waterfall that falls of the rocks and into the pool and a secret massage cave located between the boulders and the bottom of the estate. This is the only estate that has Sulawesi marble infused with special teak and artifacts all around.

Mamole Tree House

The Mamole tree house is perfect for those with a romance for adventure and is perfect for all travelers whether it is families, groups, or couples on a honeymoon. This estate has the best view to the beach. The 2 two story rounded villas is equipped with a lounge area at the bottom floor with the bedroom and bathroom located upstairs. The two tree houses are connected with a bamboo bridge and both share an infinity pool and lounging area at the front.

The main Mamole Tree House has its very own private infinity pool with an expansive living room area with bathroom at the first floor and a bedroom and another bathroom located upstairs with a balcony and bridge that connects you to the main outdoor bathroom. This estate is also is filled with traditional Sundanese artifacts, carvings, and antiques.


The Puncak consists of two main buildings with the first one having two bedrooms. On the front of the estate you have a large outdoor area with swimming pool and a deep-set dining area. The villa has a large bedroom with bathroom and study area at the back and takes over the ground floor. The second bedroom is located upstairs and includes an outdoor jungle shower with large balcony and bathtub with direct views to the Indian Ocean.

The main entertainment area with kitchen, dining area, and swimming pool is located between the two villas and gives you great views of the waves and the tropical garden underneath.

The second villa has a large living room with study on the first floor and a upstairs is the bedroom that has the same arrangements as the first villa.


This estate is a very large commune that features a spacious open air entertaining area with private dining, bar, and kitchen area with your very own Butler service. The villa has easy access to the beach and bale that is complete with games, pool table, table tennis, and a dedicated children’s movie night.

When you arrive at the lantoro estate you pass though a sunken garden area where you will reach the two bedrooms located over an open air pool side bar with a private dining area that overlooks the infinity pool.


The Wamoru estate is compromised of two beach villas which are attached by large sandy gardens of jasmine and frangipani which leads to a large bale with a large dining area, kitchen, and a private bathroom. Their large infinity pool is the highlight of this estate where you can relax and enjoy your sunset cocktails. This estate is perfect for families or guests seeking for privacy while still having access to the beach.


The two large master bedrooms of this estates shares a large infinity pool and your experience starts with the articulately crafter “Great Room”, which is a roomy open lounge area with private dining area, bar, kitchen, with a surround sound. The estate is also equipped with an infinity pool with decked terrace. The Kasambi estate is a great and fun place for families and friends to enjoy.


The Marranga wave front villas with its Sundanese traditional style buildings are special because its bed is located perfectly with direct undisturbed views to the Indian Ocean. Each one of the four Maranggas has its own private garden, outdoor dining, lounging and shower area, bathtub, terrace and decking with your own private plunge pool. The amazing bale located on the side of the cliffs and elevated above the sea provides you with your very own little paradise for sun gazing or amazing views of the stars at night. With a daybed covered with a misquote net, you can even sleep amongst the stars and is the perfect estate for couples on a honeymoon.


The Lamba estate compromises of two villas with its own individual bedrooms, a day bed with cabana made out of teak, shower, terrace and deck, bathtub, and an outdoor dining and lounging area. The villas also have its very own private plunge pool with private gardens leading to the beach. The sumbanese artifacts and colorful interior makes you feel just like at home and then some.


The Lulu Amulu villas are the perfect villas for families. This estate has two villas called Amulu 1 and Amulu 2.

  • Amulu 1: This villa features one master bedroom that connects to the children’s bedroom and an en-suite sharing bathroom, two day beds and a spacious living room and guest room, terrace with decking and an outdoor bale that leads to a private plunge pool.
  • Amulu 2: This villa features one master bedroom that connects to the children’s bedroom or living room, one en-suite master bathroom with and outdoor bathtub and shower, childrens en-suite bathroom also with an outdoor bathroom and shower. This villa is also equipped with a terrace and decking, and an outdoor bale that leads to a private plunge pool.


The Kanatar estate consists of two villas that are located on the hill and offers breathtaking views to the whole Nihiwatu Estates and Bay. The extra roomy duplexes are perfect for couples and are designed to reflect a two story Sumdanese house. Each of the one bedroom villas is equipped with a private infinity pool, open deck area, open air living room and bathroom located at the back of the estate. On the second floor the bedrooms open up to another open air platform that places you among the trees with an outdoor jungle shower.






The resort has claimed exclusivity to this break and it is also known as “Occy’s Left” and for those blessed few that can afford this upper famous high end resort there can only be a maximum amount of 8-10 surfers at a time in the water. This wave is workable on any sizes but of course the bigger the better and can get really heavy, fast and holly. Considered one of the best lefts in the World.

Across the bay from Nihiwatu there are heavy right handers and on to the next point you have sunset style lefts and rights that are perfect surfers of all levels of ability and this can be accessed by boat or car in approximately an hour

There is also a small right hander 30 minutes walk away from the resort that can be surfed on small days.


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