Lombok Novotel Hotel – Lombok – best price guarantee

BOOK THE NOVOTEL LOMBOK HERE & SAVE. Off on a holiday with your family (and your surfboard of course) but tired of Bali’s hassles? Then try the un-Bali, otherwise known as Lombok.  The tranquil and family-friendly Novotel, located at the (other) Kuta on Lombok’s south coast, is centrally located to most of the island’s surf breaks. Look out your room’s window or stroll down to the hotel’s beach to assess the day’s conditions and decide on the surf de jour.

Apart from Lombok’s marquee wave of Desert Point (which is so good it does deserve a shot if you can), the waves are uncrowded and the locals friendly.  Close to the Novotel is the  always dependable Grupuk Bay that offers five breaks, depending on swell size and wind.  Boat access is required but easily organized.

Check the west side of Kuta bay to see if the right-hander known as Are Guling is working.  A top quality wave, it’s well worth the boat ride.

Also nearby is Mawi, a playful peak when small but a serious throaty left when big.

Then there’s Ekas bay to the east, with a powerful shifty left on the outside edge. Large swells march into the bay and break as perfect cruisers on the inside. These breaks are offshore on the dry season easterly trades.

If the swell is up, a longer excursion to Desert Point (Bango-Bangko) can be easily arranged.  It’s one thing to see Desert Point in a video, but another thing altogether to actually witness it in its awe-inspiring natural state. If Deserts isn’t happening, at the Novotel you’re close to where some break is working to give you your fill.

You don’t have to feel guilty leaving the family at home base. With five-star amenities, the Novotel delights in having children, offering plenty of safe areas for them to frolic.  For the active young-at-heart, there’s the fitness center and the pool. Hike around and soak in the native Sasak architecture.  Or just chill and recharge by doing nothing. Snack at will 24/7 from an extensive ala carte menu, or enjoy a relaxed dinner at the open-air restaurant.  After a day’s surf, sip a cocktail at the beach bar, the sand between your toes as the waves roll in.

Your choice of accommodation ranges from comfortable superior rooms to private villas. Two children under sixteen stay for free with their parents or guardians.

So come to Lombok and relax and surf the un-Bali way.





Superior Room

The superior room is very large modern rooms complete with a King sized bed, a work station, a day bed, as well as a  32” LCD TV with broadband connection for your entertainment. The rooms are also equipped with an en-suite shower, hair dryer, minibar, and an in-room safe. Twin rooms are also available for those who are not traveling as a couple. This room can accommodate up to 2 adults and 1 child.

Executive Room

All of their deluxe terrace rooms features extra comforts for the guests to enjoy such as a 37” LCD TV with DVD player, bathrobe, as well as slippers. The terrace is very comfortable and is the perfect place to just sit and relax and enjoy your day as you have a drink. The executive room is equipped with a King sized bed and can accommodate up to 2 adults and 1 child.

Bungalows and Apartments

Novotel offers 3 types of villa: Sasak Villa, Garden Pool Villa, and the Private Garden Pool Villa. All the villas come with a traditional interior with a mix of modern comforts to ensure all the guests have a great time at the villas. This package includes airport transfers, Daily breakfast with one of the breakfasts served on the hill with amazing views of your surroundings, one Sasak traditional massage as well as one Yoga class and Hair Spa.



Desert Point

Desert Point is without a doubt the best lefthander in the world. You can score deep long barrels over 20secs . The take-off area is a little shifty and once you are up and going the wave starts reeling across the shallow reef, once you get further down the line the wave starts to grow, once it hits the grower section the caverns get faster and as wide a truck then usually shuts down at the end. Best surfed on a S-SW swell, SE winds and spring tides as the tide starts to drop and can be surfed throughout the whole low tide through to high, however, the wave usually shuts off when the tide reaches to high.


Is the most popular surf spot on Lombok as it caters for all skill levels. It is a great wet-season wave as the right on the western headland is offshore in NW winds & S-SE swell. Mawun & Air Guling, the left across the channel is of less quality, however, both are great fun waves.

Outside Ekas

A powerful left hander that is shifty. This wave lines up at the base of steep cliffs at the Eastern side of the headland. This wave picks up a considerable amount of swell than inside Ekas. Can get good with size with long walls and the odd cover up section. Be wary of the strong currents.


A fast left with a few cover up sections. Across the bay is a fun right that needs a solid South swell to get in & NW winds to work. Deep inside the bay are a few more options & the reef cut at Meang may have some lefts & rights with North winds.

Gili Air

Needs a massive SSW swell, spring high tides & light W-NW winds to make this wave turn on. When it does it reels off perfectly down the reef.

Gili Trawangan

Needs a Solid SSW swell, high tide & light W-NW winds to make this wave turn on. Located on the southern tip of Gili-T this wave is very quick and hollow. Can be challenging to surf. There is a lot of current ripping through so experience is recommended.


Is a right and left hander. The right needs a moderate SW swell to turn on and can barrel occasionally. The SE trades winds blow straight up the face into the barrel. The lefts are longer & wall up. Best conditions are Low – mid tide for the rights, high tide for the lefts and any E winds.

Inside Grupuk

There are 3 waves in this bay. On the inside there is a long right, The outside a big powerful left & Tattoo Point is an A-Frame with a long left hander & shorter right that is not very hollow, however, great for maneuvers.


Is a consistent left & right hander on the south coast that breaks in the dry season & works on all size swells. When the swell is smaller it is very fun peak until the right starts closing out at 6ft. The powerful left roars down the reef and holds 6ft+ offering a gnarly drop and a big wall, then a barrel section before it shuts down on the reef. Be wary of the strong currents in the channel.

Outside Grupuk

A deep water Bombora that is very fat and forgiving. A nice drop with plenty of shoulder make it easy for beginners when it is small & intermediates when it is big. Best on a South swell, however, gets blown out from any wind from the South. Best on Mid – high tides & often crowded.


Is mainly a left with a sectiony right which needs a Northerly wind to make it work and a solid SW swell. A mid – high tide will cover the coral reef and deliver some hollow lefts.


Is a series of reef cuts & passes that offer options on a small swell. The wave has some nice ramps to hit up the eastern channel. If these waves are not breaking the Lombok is dead flat. A SE swell and N winds are recommended to make the long journey by boat worth it. Difficult to access by land & and hard to scope by sea.

Are Guling

Has 2 breaks. A right hander that has a quick inside section which is best at low – Mid-tide which has a fair amount of protection from the wind & a hollow left that is a bit shifty and works best on a mid -High tide.


Deluxe Terrace

Executive Suite


Private Pool Family Villa

Private Pool VIlla

Sasak Villa

Superior Room