Banyaks Nias Telos Ono Niha – Surf Nias Now!

Nobody ever gets tired of surfing Nias, but maybe you’re getting itchy eyes, wondering what’s over the horizon.  The waves of the Hinakos and the Telos and the fabled waves of Treasure Island that’s what.  But how to get there?

Easy.  Book a trip on the Ono Niha, a comfortable 62-foot surf charter vessel built and owned by Nias local Timotious “Timmy” Wau.  (You might even be splitting up your trip by first staying at his Keyhole Surf Camp right there on the legendary right).  Timmy has had years of experience working on premier surf charter boats in the region, storing up knowledge to have his own surf charter boat built right there in Sibolga.  Designed by a local surfer for local waters and for the comfort of visiting surfers, you can go exploring in style and comfort.  Or let Timmy guide you where to go to the day’s best waves, from deep water rights you’ve seen in the media (how big are your balls?) to barreling lefts and others in between, suited for all skill levels. They also have a professional spear fishing guide on board for those who like to do some fish hunting.

The Ono Niha sleeps up to 8-12 passengers in luxurious and air conditioned accommodations, 4 cabins with 2 single bunk beds and twin V-berths.  A traditional Sumatran boat, it has all the modern safety equipment.  Plus a complete entertainment system in the saloon—if you’re tired of upper deck lounging with its 360 degree views.

A photographer will capture your wave of the day.

Let’s book your Nias surf charter today and get the BEST PRICE GUARANTEED with World Surf Adventures.


The Ono Niha is a new charter from the owners of the Nias Keyhole surf camp. The boat is still in pristine condition and can accommodate a maximum of 8-12 guests at a time. The vessel has 4 comfortable cabins with 2 single bunk beds in each room and doors for extra privacy. They also have 4 single bunk beds in V berth quarters. All the rooms are fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort as well as the saloon that is equipped with a 32” inch LCD TV, DVD player, and a complete sound system.  There are two bathrooms with shower on the vessel.


10 days + 2 night at Nias Keyhole Surf Camp

USD 2,100 per person



  • Airport pick up and drop-off
  • 3 great meals a day
  • Free juices and drinks
  • 2 Bintangs a day (more can be arranged prior to arrival)
  • Amazing Surf and fishing at one of the most remote locations in the planet


Main Break

The camps main break is located right in front of your doorstep and can be accessed with just a short paddle to the line-up. This perfect right hander can be surfed on both low and high tides and can get up to over 12 feet and provides you with jaw-dropping barrels. Its best size is when its 4-12 feet high and can be surfed by surfers of all levels of ability depending on the size and condition of the day.


This wave is located just above the camps Main break and can be seen from the right side of the camps lounge. On high tide and with the right swell, this break can offer you some of the thickest, fast, and hallowest tubes in the world. Be wary though as it’s near a shallow reef and can be scary to even some of the most experiences surfers.

The Machine

The name only came about after the 2005 earthquake as the rising of the reef makes this left hander now one of the fastest, down the line, left hand barrels in the world. This wave can provide you with a long tube and an easy paddle back out once you’re out. Only a 5 minute motorbike ride from the camp.

8 frame DP

Located near hiliduha village, approximately 15 km from the camp or a 20 minute car/motorbike ride, this wave can break either left or right.  Its best size and condition is when its 5-9 feet high and offers you great left and right hander barrels. Be wary though as the take-off can be a little bit tricky to navigate.

Walo Hiu

Depending on swell and wind direction, this lefty can produce an epic 10 second barrel. Located north from the camp, this break can be access via a 30 minute adventure walk through the jungle or you can take a 15 minute boat ride. This wave is suitable for surfers of all level and is best on 6-10 feet and peels down the line which offers great walls for some fun maneuvers and big carving turns as well as hunting for the inside barrels.


A thick, sizeable, punching right hander that can provide you with great fun with its different take off sections.  It is in its best condition when it is 6-8 feet high with NE wind blowing. Only for experienced surfers as the wave is constantly shifting.


This wave is located next to Hilistaro Village which is just around the corner from 8-frams. This short fast right hander has a quick take off and is suitable for surfers with all levels of experience. Can be accessed be a 30 minute car ride from the camp.

Beach Break

Only a 5 minute motorbike ride from the camp, located in Ladungri bay, this sandy bottom beach is the perfect place to sharpen your skills as it’s the perfect wave for learning.



Le-Ba is a beautiful right hander that peaks and runs along an island before crashing onto the reef. The wave is short, however, on a larger swell the wave will stand up and barrel. The wave accommodates all surfers from intermediate to advanced.


A right-hander that is fun and super hollow. The wave breaks over a soft coral reef producing grinding barrels. Over six foot, GT’s turns into a roaring beast. The take-off dredge’s, so make sure you dig deep to get into it early then draw your line. At 3ft it is a fun barrel.


Is a Barreling left hander that breaks over a shallow reef suited for experienced surfers.

Max’s Left

Is perfect for the intermediate to advanced surfer as it is a long rippabale long left hander that has some nice barrel sections.

Max’s Right

Max’s right can provide everything from fun rippable bowls to long barrels dependent on the swell direction.


Can be a little confusing if the swell is to big, however, when it is smaller the wave has open walls with the odd hollow one.


Schoolyard’s has a combination of 3 separate waves from a Hawaiian style sunset peak to punchy rights depending on the swell direction. The wave is a swell magnet as it open wide to any South to West swell.

The E.R

The E.R is a swell magnet which consists of 2 lefts & 3 rights. This wave offers suitability from beginner to advanced.


Wegs is a great left for more skilled surfers The wave drains off a the reef throwing out some very quick barrels.


Zippers breaks over a shallow reef and has a sneaky barrel section.


Not very long, however,  a powerful left hander that is punchy.


A powerful left hander that unloads over a  shallow ledge.

Out There’s

Is a right hander that can handle any size swell. With the right conditions this wave can deliver some barrels and nice walls to rip up.

The Finger

A cracking right hander that is powerful & fast with 3 tube sections & ripabble walls.  Suited for all levels of surfers.


A wave that suits all levels of surfers, this barreling right hander is a short & thick ride.


A very big and powerful right hander that is definitely not for the faint hearted. For experienced surfers only.


Located on the opposite tip of Plankton Bay, this wave is a very powerful left hander that is fast, hollow and shallow. We recommend this wave for experienced surfers.


This wave is located at an island in front of the Surfing Village and is a long and powerful left hander with sections that barrel as well as rippable walls. This wave can hold as big as the ocean can throw at it. Can be surfed by surfers of all levels as well as big wave riders.


A little mix of dessert poing and G-land, this wave is a long left barrel that with the right tide can be one connecting barrel all the way down the line. For surfers of all ability level.


Located behind Baga’s island, this long right hander works on any swell and has very good rippabble sections suited for all levels of surfers.


A beautiful and heavy Hawaiian style A-Frame with right and left barrel sections. Suitable for all levels of surfers as well as big wave riders.


A very fast, scary and hollow hair raising left –think Teahupoo.


A very fun left with incredible back door barrels that is suited for surfers of all levels.


This spot is the ideal spot if you are just learning how to surf. The peak wave opens very long with easy walls to both sides and located inside a protected Bay. A fun wave for Long boarders as well.


Located in front of a small rock island, this right and left breaking wave is in the middle of the neighboring bay. For intermediate to experience surfers as well as big wave riders.


The first of 3 rights located on the coast of Tantras, this is a huge and powerful right hander. Good for big wave riders as well as surfers of all levels of ability.


Although not as consistent, this fast, hollow, shallow right hander is probably one of the most challenging in the region. For experienced surfers only.


A very fun right hander with a barreling section that opens up to a rippable wall and then another barreling section towards the end. Good for surfers of all levels of experience as well as long boarders.


Located in paradise bay, this is a fast and hollow right hander. This wave has some really good barrel sections as well as rippable walls.  Great for surfers of all levels of experience.


Only for the experienced surfer. This is a very shallow, fast and hollow left with amazing barrels.


This wave is a very heavy and punchy right hander that only works on big swells.


Lizards nest

A long right that can produce 10 Sec tubes when the swell is solid from the SSW. When you are there keep your eye our for the mysterious lizards nest. Best in a SSW swell, North winds & a mid-high tide.Hands up who wants to surf classic 10 second barrels? This place is just south of Palau Pinang and is a beautiful right hander. Definitely worth going to. The stories we hear and the feedback we get is seriously positive.

Treasure island

Once you roll into the easy take off this right-hander fires off down the line throwing out up to 5 barrel sections which are linked by ripable walls that run for over 250m+. Best with a solid SSW swell, NW winds and works on all tides. Inside the bay is Minis, a fun right-hander with a short barrel and rippable face, better on bigger swells.

If you are into point breaks ( and not the movie) then this is your go to surf break. It’s considered by many as one of Indonesia’s best reef breaks. You are going to love the scenery and the vibe as this place is a protected island. If you want to shred walls of up to 250 metres then this place will blow your mind.

Due to the nature and popularity of the wave this place can get busy with other charter boats when big SW swells combine with NW winds, but there so many waves here that all you need to do is be patient, wait your turn and enjoy the next 2 minutes as you rip, tear and burn down the line.


On the right swell direction Cobras can be long left hand barrel that is also a swell magnet. Great spot to go to when everywhere is small. Best with a SW swell, East winds and works on all tides. Across the channel there is Warrenswhich is a right-hand peak.


 A fun left-hand peak and a great wall that reels along the reef then onto a white sandy beach where the it is known where the turtles nest. Best with a SW swell, East winds & works on Tides.

Bay of plenty

 The Bay of Plenty has 2 lefts & a right which are very consistent.This is more of a left ( typical Indo), where you are going to get wave overkill. You will find that this place is not too crowded, which is why you are there in the first place. Go for it and rip it up!

  • Outside Left – LolokA draining left that barrels over shallow reef. The wave is on the south side of the bay and is best surfed on a high tide.
  • Outside Right – GuntursIs a right hander that barrels on the right swell direction & works on more Northerly winds
  • Inside Left – DindosIs a left hander deep inside the bay. It needs a solid swell and a mid to high tide to turn on, when it does it offers fun walls & barrels. Best with a SW swell, SE winds & a mid- high tide.


9 / 10

Colin S

The Ono Niha has to be one of the better surf charters in the Mentawai's. Great food and a very friendly crew. Plus the waves when we went were always over 3 feet. Very happy with the entire trip and recommend this highly

October 14, 2015