North Sumatra Telos Pegasus Lodges – Telo Island Lodge

Your front-yard: a world-class right.  Your backyard:  a world-class left.

If  the wind’s wrong for one, then it’s perfect for the other.  The Telo Island Lodge, in the wave-riddled Telos Islands just north of the Mentawais, has got you covered either way with their twin home breaks.

Another 18 surf breaks are sprinkled close by, most within a 20 minute boat ride.  Rights and lefts and peaks, barrels and cruisers and ramps, there’s something for everyone and every skill level.  The Lodge’s Marine Operation Team is among the best in the business.  Their fleet of surf transport speedboats is unrivaled for speed, comfort and safety.  Their guides will put you in the right spot at the right time.  All you have to do is the surfing.  And not with your own crowd, either.  The Lodge limits its guests to eight maximum.

The open-plan lodge melds local North Sumatran architecture with western ideas. Spacious shaded decks and common areas are set in a garden of manicured lawns and the tropical lagoon where the transfer speedboats wait for you to hop on.

Your room sports a king-sized bed, where you can sleep in air-conditioned comfort, a blessed thing in the equatorial tropics.  The rooms are serviced twice daily, with complimentary laundry service. There’s WiFi too. The Lodge provides a surf photographer, so why not post a picture of yourself in the barrel.

Most importantly, the Lodge is the only land-based accommodation in North Sumatra with a tsunami escape zone three meters from the main building. You can have peace of mind with this unparalleled level of safety.

And the food? Forget about it – although you won’t. Chef Restu’s spectacular dishes, fresh and healthy and hearty, will keep you going for your surf sessions.  Meals are all-inclusive and served in a combination of buffet and table service.

But remember, it’s really all about the surf.  And if surfing is what you want, then what you want is the Telo Island Lodge.




The Telo Island Lodge is the perfect accommodation located at the most ideal surfing location in the Telos. The lodge has an open floor construction plan with Sumatran architecture infused with western quality of standards and ingenuity. They have a large undercover decks and common areas which is surrounded by the lush tropical lagoon, with their speedboats on standby ready to take you to the take off zones.

It is the only lodge in North Sumatra that has a tsunami escape zone just meters away from the main building and all of the rooms are equipped with large King sized beds, ensuite facilities, AC, and 24 hour WiFi service. Not only that, the rooms are cleaned twice a day and they offer free laundry services.



The Bubble

Only 10 minutes from the lodge, this is one of the most perfect, fast, and mechanical right hander around. It can create some really awesome and long tube sessions and the waters is crystal clear. Many of our surfers speed record has been broken here.

Max’s Left

Is perfect for the intermediate to advanced surfer as it is a long rippabale long left hander that has some nice barrel sections.

Max’s Right

Max’s right can provide everything from fun rippable bowls to long barrels dependent on the swell direction.


Le-Ba is a beautiful right hander that peaks and runs along an island before crashing onto the reef. The wave is short, however, on a larger swell the wave will stand up and barrel. The wave accommodates all surfers from intermediate to advanced.


A right-hander that is fun and super hollow. The wave breaks over a soft coral reef producing grinding barrels. Over six foot, GT’s turns into a roaring beast. The take-off dredge’s, so make sure you dig deep to get into it early then draw your line. At 3ft it is a fun barrel.


Is a Barreling left hander that breaks over a shallow reef suited for experienced surfers.


Can be a little confusing if the swell is to big, however, when it is smaller the wave has open walls with the odd hollow one.


Schoolyard’s has a combination of 3 separate waves from a Hawaiian style sunset peak to punchy rights depending on the swell direction. The wave is a swell magnet as it open wide to any South to West swell.

The E.R

The E.R is a swell magnet which consists of 2 lefts & 3 rights. This wave offers suitability from beginner to advanced.


Wegs is a great left for more skilled surfers The wave drains off a the reef throwing out some very quick barrels.

Jurassic Park

An epic left hander that breaks over a reef coral bottom, this is often an unpredictable wave that gives you some really rippable walls and jaw-dropping barrels. Located to the south of the lodge, this break needs a full days outing and a couple hours of speedboat access to reach a land back in time.