Nias North Sumatra Puri Asu Resort

Puri Asu, with its rolling surf and remote aspect offers the fearless surfer a perfect, private paradise. If you have dreamt of being cast away amongst the coconut palms and wondering freely along deserted beaches where there is no waiting in line ups, then this is the resort for you.

With three boats at your beck and call at no extra charge, the plethora of waves at your disposal is almost unimaginable. Strategically placed amongst the Hinako Islands of North Sumatra this is an area blessed with dependable swells. Glamour waves like the challenging and powerful ‘Bommie’ and the great barrelling ‘Hamutala’ are a maximum of 30 minutes away from the resort by boat.PuriAsu provides a dedicated surfing guide whose expertise will guide you to the optimum places to catch the prime waves of the day.

Towards the Sumatran mainland, about a 50 minute boat ride away, is the Nias Islands, another of the world’s great surfing destinations and it is highly recommended that you take a day trip to this region. This is a fantastic place to meet some fellow enthusiasts and share your adventures.

The PuriAsu Resort, unlike in the shipwrecked movies, has accommodation which is decked out with the modern conveniences of home and staff who will do their upmost to appease your every whim. There is a private beach and a beautiful gazebo, perfect for sunrise yoga to limber up the muscles for a day catching breaks.

Other activities available at this resort include scuba diving, paddle boarding, fishing snorkelling and spearfishing. But the focus here is the surf and the thrill it brings.

The Resort has two traditional Sumatra style bungalows with balconies that offer amazing views to its surroundings. Each bungalow has gorgeous timber flooring with custom wood furniture and all of the bedrooms have more than enough space to make you comfortable. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and bathrooms with each bathroom having a sink with western toilets, mirror, and hot shower with coated shower flooring. Each room also offers plugs with adapters for charging all of your electronics. All rooms are located on the 2nd floor and the resort can accommodate up to 15 guests. The also just constructed a brand new deluxe bungalow with your private room/s, King Size beds, en-suite bathroom and more.


Standard Package

(10 nights/11 days)

 USD 1600 per person

  • 2 single beds per room with shared toilets.
  • accommodation, meals and unlimited boat transfers
    to Asu lineup and boat trips to different waves.
  • (10 nights/11 days) – extra nights are USD 130.
  • Less than 10 nights, USD 175 – per night.

Superior Package

(10 nights/11 days)

USD 1900 per person

  • 3 king size beds in one bungalow
  • accommodation, meals and unlimited boat transfers
    to Asu lineup and boat trips to different waves.
  • (10 nights/11 days) – extra nights are USD 160
  • Less than 10 nights, USD 205 – per night

Deluxe Package

(10 nights/11 days)

USD 2600 per person

  • Brand new Bungalow, Private rooms & bathrooms, Kingsize beds
  • accommodation, meals and unlimited boat transfers
    to Asu lineup and boat trips to different waves.
  • (10 nights/11 days) – extra nights are USD 230
  • Less than 10 nights, USD 275 – per night

NOTE: non surfing/(child 10-15 years old) companion USD 130 per night


USD 150 round trip

  • From Binaka Airport Nias (GNS) to Sirombu Harbor then Asu Island and back to Airport (GNS)


Puri Asu Resort has professional freelance surf photographers offering guests the opportunity to ge tprofessional photos to take home with you. Packages range from $100-$300 for all sessions during your trip. Land, boat
and water photos. Professional quality.


  • USD 100 for 2 tanks, 1 exit by boat and 2 dives in different spots


  • USD 10/hour


World class fishing can be enjoyed straight off the island on board Asu’s 28’ sports fishing boat. They have trolling, jigging, popping and what ever you catch can be cooked fresh as your dinner that night. Their expert fishing guides will share you their secrets and knowledge. There are a variety of the most amazing fishing in the area including Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Giant Trevally, Tengiri and Sailfish.


During your stay, you will learn the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga: being kind and compassionate to the world, being kind and compassionate to yourself, practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, engaging the breath, turning focus inward, becoming still, remaining still and integration with the Universe. Their instructors leads a progressive and amazing detox program with the intent of sharing knowledge in a free, relaxed and ultimately therapeutic manner. Each day will find balance, strength, focus and power to connect your body, mind and nature.

  • Daily Practice Hatha, Yoga Ashtanga every Morning from 7am to 9am .
  • Asanas (postures) Kryas (purification techniques ) Bandhas ( Energy locks) Dristhis ( gazing point). Sunset Meditation. Meditation on a Silence to hear the nature.
  • Every day you will get in touch with breathing, mind vibrations and your essence. Practice Pranayamas (breathing Techniques ) , Relaxing with Yoga Nidra. We have class of sutras , films and mantras to complete these experiences.
  • Please send us a email to know when the Yoga retreat schedules are.


Contact us for more details about this amazing opportunity.


The Hinako’s are home to some of the best & most consistent waves on the planet as they are wide open to the full force of the Indian Ocean.

The Hinako’s produce high quality waves with not much of a crowd compared to other parts of Indonesia. There are 5 amazing waves throughout the archipelago all within 20-30 mins from each other &  2 more 35-45 mins by speedboat. The Puri Asu Resort is equipped with all the right equipment & knowledge to put you onto empty perfect waves.

All the waves in the Hinako’s are all within 30 mins by speed boat , and the best one is right out the back door of the resort which is only a few mins by the resorts speedboat from jetty to the wave. Bawa is also 20-30 mins away. When the swell is solid Bawa has long, thick barrels . There are many other waves that are not far also such as the, Bommie, Hamutala.  Afulu and Salonako are also 40-50 mins also from the resort.

You will be updated daily with surf forecasts & be given expert advice and the best recommendations based on the conditions along with any requests of the guests.


Is a world class left that is perfect and consistent providing big deep barrels and big walls to open up with gouging hacks &radical maneuvers. The wave holds 12ft+, breaks on all tides & is offshore when the devil winds blow from the South. The wave is also very fun when it is 3-5 ft giving you the opportunity to progress your surfing.


Is a short right that is very rippable and can barrel on the right conditions. This wave is suited for beginners & intermediate surfers.


A right hander that is located next to Bawa, it has 2 very nice sections that barrels and provides some awesome ripable walls.


This right can provide long barrels. Works best on a solid swell.


This right holds big and the bigger it gets, the more skill is required. You can get barreled from the take off and it is Veryripable up to 3-6 feet.


This deep water slabbing beast is located between Asu and the Hinako’s. You can get barreled on this wave and has a fun rippable end section, best suited for intermediate to expert surfers.


Only a  40-50 minute ride in the speedboat from Asu. This left is on Nias has some amazing barrels and very rippable walls.

Barrel Machine

This left hand Barreling Machine is a great wave to surf as it holds 3 – 6 ft. As it gets bigger it gets more hollow and square. You can get barrels up to 6 seconds, however, this wave needs the swell and wind to all come together for it to turn on.