Papua New Guinea Rubio Plantation Retreat Papua New Guinea

You’re gonna pinch yourself.  Is this for real? Pristine tropical waters, gorgeous beach and jungle mountain backdrop, perfect surf at multiple breaks…and no crowds.

Pinch yourself again. No crowds. Guaranteed.

That’s what Rubio Plantation in New Ireland (Papua New Guinea) offers the surf adventurer looking for something different, something pure and untouched, just like it used to be. Why go to where the surf masses are going? Rubio Plantation limits surfers to ten maximum at their retreat, and the Central New Ireland Surf Management Plan limits the total to the Central Coast Region to twenty.  With all the breaks spreading everybody out, that means no crowds.

With its Pacific Ocean exposure, this area receives solid swells from mid-October to mid-May.  Rubio Plantation isn’t into publicly exposing the where and whens of their surf spots, except they will mention the barreling A-frame peak that is their home break, right out in front. You can watch it break all day long from the dining area, although you’ll most likely be surfing it.

The other breaks range from fast and hollow lefts and rights to mellow longboard waves.  From their years of experience of swell direction and condition, Rubio will direct you to the best spots of the day via land-transportation.  Or they will be happy to organize a boat so that you can go exploring the offshore islands.

The accommodation of traditional bungalows built from native materials fits right into the laid-back and home-feel vibe.  The retreat has one standard bungalow, two superior bungalows and two larger two-bedroom bungalows. All overlook the private beach and break.  There are a total of 15 beds, but a group of seven people can book the entire retreat for their stay.

The superior bungalows and the family bungalows are equipped with private bathrooms and the standard bungalow has shared facilities.  Flush toilets and showers are provided, as are mosquito nets. Rubio Plantation has solar panels and hydroelectric stations to provide its electricity.

You’ll be fueling yourself with three hearty, family-style meals served in the dining area.  The chef prepares a combination of European, Asian and local cuisine, with home-made bread and pastries. Try the home-grown chocolate. Yummy!

There are plenty of other things to do besides surfing.  Hike the paths trails and watch the wildlife, keeping an eye out for the famed bird of paradise.  See what’s inside the caves. Go canoeing and fishing.  Get on a mountain bike and explore the jungle trails.  Experience the local culture.

But it comes back to the surfing. Experience the thrill of discovery and adventure as it once was and as it should be.



The Rubio retreat is compromised of traditional bungalows made out of local materials and located at a prime location on its private beach to maximize the gorgeous ocean views. The retreat consists of 1 standard bungalow with 2 single beds, 2 superior bungalows and more spacious two-bedroom bungalows. All of their bungalows are equipped with mosquito netting for more comfort. The 2 superior bungalows have different sleeping arrangements for each bungalow; 1 bungalow has 2 single beds and the other is equipped with a queen size bed and a single bed.

The 2 two-bedroom bungalows have a Queen Size bed, two singles, and a double bed in one room; and a Queen Size bed with 4 single beds on the other room. The superior and family bungalows are equipped with its own private bathrooms while the standard bungalows are shared facilities. All of their bathrooms have western style flush toilets and showers.

The Retreat is powered by solar panels and hydroelectric and in total there are 15 beds in the whole plantation. Please note that you will only need a group of 7 to have the whole retreat entirely to yourselves.




The retreat is precisely located near all the surf spots in the region with ‘Rubio’ being right in front of the dining area. Some of the other surf spots can be reached by foot and the retreat has access to a variety of different breaks to suite all surfers from super mellow waves that are perfect for longboarders to fast and hollow tubes. There are right and lefts all over the area and all are open to many swell directions which makes the waves extremely consistent. Please note that that Surf Season is from October to April.

The retreat also has boat and other vehicles to take you to the beautiful and exotic offshore islands where there are many world class waves to be found. With the abundance of outer islands from the retreat your surfing experience is endless. The number of surfers at the retreat is limited to 10 with another 10 throughout the region; with these numbers you are guaranteed to so many surf breaks with little to zero crowds!! Below are just a few descriptions of the waves in the region, but many other are kept secret with just the time proximity from the retreat to preserve the area.


Rubio Left

A shallow and very challenging wave but exceptionally rewarding. This left is super fast and hollow all the way through. A very fun wave for the experienced surfers.

Rubio Right

This is a great wave for surfers of all levels of abilities.  The paddle out is extremely easy and breaks off at the end of the channel. The first section is very fast then it opens up to some very fun rippable walls. When it gets big it can barrel and hollow out all the way through. Works on all tides.

20 mins from the retreat

Although the drop is pretty steep, once you make it it’s a very easy right hander all the way to the beach. Although it works on all tides, the left on the north side of the rock will be your most suitable option.

Northern Right

Good on any tides this right is just located north from the retreat, when the swell picks up the wave will run down the reef from the point and then barrels up at the last section.

30 mins from the retreat

Although it only breaks on certain swell direction this wave can get really fast and hollow.

10 mins from the retreat

Only by a 10 minute boat ride from the retreat you can access this really fast and hallow right hander. Super fun.