Banyaks Seriti Surf Charter Mentawai’s – BEST PRICE GUARANTEE

Want to surf Mentawai perfection but without the Mentawai zoo?  Then check out the Banyak Islands, several hundred kilometers to the north.  The same variety of breaks, the same Southern Indian Ocean exposure, the same world-class quality, the same warm blue water barrels…and far, far away from the maddening crowd.  Dozens of surf charter boats ply the Mentawais and keep the lineups more than full, but only four boats are based full-time in the Banyaks, including our WSA partner vessel the Seriti.

 A US-built and Indonesian-flagged 25 meter aluminum crew boat newly customized for surf charter luxury, partners Katsuyoshi Suzuki and Mick Butt, along with Mick’s wife Coco and son Raja, have years of experience in the Banyaks.  Their intimate knowledge will put on the best waves on offer for that day, often just to yourself.  Not only that, but they delight in offering guests a warm family atmosphere.

One of the last great surf frontiers in Indonesia, the Banyaks offer a wide variety of surf breaks suitable for all skill levels, left and rights and peaks, from easy cruisers to heart-in-throat slabs.  One of the crown jewels is “Treasure Island”, a flawless right-hander that peels for hundreds of yards off a jungle shoreline, mesmerizing you with its inviting barrels, beguiling even to rookie surfers.  One taste, and you’re hooked.  A good swell at Treasure Island, and your surf trip is made with memories that will last a lifetime.

You don’t have to go far to find the other end of the spectrum. Further inside Treasure Island bay is Gorillas, a rarely surfed right-hand beast that breaks on big swells, mean enough to bruise even experienced egos.  Bringing a longboard?  A short sail away is Toytowns, a long left suited for nose-riding (or endless whacks of the lip on your short board).  Surf gone flat?  No worries, there’s Babi Island, which is consistently head-high when nothing else shows a splash.

“Banyak” in Indonesian means “lots of”, and this is just a sampler of the “banyak” surf breaks you will enjoy.  Year round, too, and not just the southern hemisphere winter.  Mick and crew not only know the breaks but have insider knowledge of where to go and when to catch them at their best depending on swell size and direction, wind, tide and season.   Sit back, enjoy a drink or a movie, and let them get you there. All you have to do is the surfing.

The Seriti is one of the safest boat charter operations in Indonesia. Its full range of safety equipment includes life rafts and life jackets, smoke detectors, EPIRB, CO2 emergency fire system, VHF and SSB radios. Guests can use the satellite telephone. Plenty of fresh water.  Three 525hp Detroit V12 Turbo Intercooled main engines give the Seriti a top speed of 15 knots, and with a cruising speed of 10-12 knots.

The Seriti‘s equipment includes a Canon EOS 5D and 7D camera to capture quality pictures as mementos of your epic surf holiday trip.   You can always opt for the full professional photography package as well.  Plenty of power points are on the boat for you to charge your own gadgets.


Newly customized for your comfort, Seriti ‘s two air-conditioned cabins offer two queen beds and 10 singles for her guests. The spacious air-conditioned salon with its cushy sofas is the perfect place to chill and enjoy the on-board entertainment system. Or perhaps you’re surfed out from a long session and just want to sit outside in the shaded back deck, catching the breeze as you sway in a hammock and watch the waves. It’s also a great place to sip a cold one at the end of the day to a gorgeous sunset.

The boat’s chef offers up delicious and nutritious meals, both Western and Indonesian. The Banyaks have good fishing, and you might be one reeling in the evening’s dinner. Barrels all day long, and then fresh sashimi with a cold drink at sunset…does it get any better? Nope. Half the Seriti‘s guests are repeat customers.


Season Price per person Nights
Peak Season 3,095 USD 10
Off – Peak 2,895 USD 10



  • Three Meals per Day
  • Snacks
  • Soft Drinks, Juices, Water, and Isotonic drinks
  • All transfers from the Gunung Sitoli to the Seriti

2016 October and November ALL INCLUSIVE SPECIAL

This all inclusive special includes a regular scheduled trip and also includes all transfers to and from Medan as well as International Flights to the value of $US750. Payment in full is required at time of booking.

Lizards nest

A long right that can produce 10 Sec tubes when the swell is solid from the SSW. When you are there keep your eye our for the mysterious lizards nest. Best in a SSW swell, North winds & a mid-high tide.Hands up who wants to surf classic 10 second barrels? This place is just south of Palau Pinang and is a beautiful right hander. Definitely worth going to. The stories we hear and the feedback we get is seriously positive.

Treasure island

Once you roll into the easy take off this right-hander fires off down the line throwing out up to 5 barrel sections which are linked by ripable walls that run for over 250m+. Best with a solid SSW swell, NW winds and works on all tides. Inside the bay is Minis, a fun right-hander with a short barrel and rippable face, better on bigger swells.

If you are into point breaks ( and not the movie) then this is your go to surf break. It’s considered by many as one of Indonesia’s best reef breaks. You are going to love the scenery and the vibe as this place is a protected island. If you want to shred walls of up to 250 metres then this place will blow your mind.

Due to the nature and popularity of the wave this place can get busy with other charter boats when big SW swells combine with NW winds, but there so many waves here that all you need to do is be patient, wait your turn and enjoy the next 2 minutes as you rip, tear and burn down the line.


On the right swell direction Cobras can be long left hand barrel that is also a swell magnet. Great spot to go to when everywhere is small. Best with a SW swell, East winds and works on all tides. Across the channel there is Warrenswhich is a right-hand peak.


 A fun left-hand peak and a great wall that reels along the reef then onto a white sandy beach where the it is known where the turtles nest. Best with a SW swell, East winds & works on Tides.

Bay of plenty

 The Bay of Plenty has 2 lefts & a right which are very consistent.This is more of a left ( typical Indo), where you are going to get wave overkill. You will find that this place is not too crowded, which is why you are there in the first place. Go for it and rip it up!

  • Outside Left – LolokA draining left that barrels over shallow reef. The wave is on the south side of the bay and is best surfed on a high tide.
  • Outside Right – GuntursIs a right hander that barrels on the right swell direction & works on more Northerly winds
  • Inside Left – DindosIs a left hander deep inside the bay. It needs a solid swell and a mid to high tide to turn on, when it does it offers fun walls & barrels. Best with a SW swell, SE winds & a mid- high tide.