Maldives Shangri-La


This incredible 5 star resort is set amidst the perfect indigo waters of the Indian Ocean and offers up an experience of unparalleled luxury. Guests can almost see James Bond out in the ocean surfing the breaks or playing golf on the sensational course. This is a relaxing sanctuary far away from the fast pace of the modern world.

Around this area there are some great waves but possibly one of the greatest takes its name from the resort. The Shangri La is a wrapping right-hander that hugs the reef on the east coast of the island and is probably at its finest over the summer months during a southerly swell.

The lavish villas are built on stilts in the island’s lagoon and the main body of the resort is reached by traversing wooden walkwaysover the exquisite tropical waters. As well as the golf course, there is a fantastic spa where the exertions of a day in the water can be massaged away by expert therapists in a soothing atmosphere.

Delicious food prepared using fresh local ingredients by a team of expert chefs will keep guests well-fuelled for the day’s adventures. Dinner can be eaten in a multitude of locations from the privacy of your own villa to a romantic spot under the banyan trees nestled in the jungle.

Just south of the equator, the Shangri La Villingili Resort and Spa is reached via a short flight of approximately 65 minutes from the Male International Airport to Gan International airport on Addu Atoll, followed by a 5 minute boat ride. Not that far to travel for the ultimate tropical nirvana.


Shangri-la Villingili offers a variety of breathtaking sea view villas that range from your private ocean villa to villas that are suspended on stilts among the treetops. All of the seven unique luxurious villas, with Middle Eastern and Indian styled decors, are outfitted with all the amenities and services to make you truly feel like you are in paradise.


The pool villas with its stylish contemporary Asian décor, with a touch of Middles Eastern and Indian elements, are surrounded by a verdant forest and offer views to the azure colored ocean. As the name suggest, these villas have their own private pool, open-air shower as well as a terrace where you can relax on the day bed.


All Deluxe Pool villas are located on the secluded coasts of the island and have their own private garden and your own intimate beach front to offer maximum privacy. Guests can enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean while relaxing on the infinity pool and the sun deck. The bedroom and bathroom also gives stunning views to the sea, along with a large patio with outdoor furniture where you can enjoy your dinner under the stars.


The water villas, with its fresh ambiance, are built on stilts that are in the resorts lagoon and are connected to the island via a pathway that is made out of wood. Watch the beautiful and variant marine life under you as you walk along the pathway, and enjoy the delicate breeze as you gaze upon the majestic horizon.

Note: We do not recommend this villa to children under 12 due to the open environment.


Each villa, with its Middle Eastern and Indian décor, is suspended three meters above the ground and offers marvelous views to the ocean. Each villa has an infinity pool, wooden sun deck, and all the luxurious amenities you would expect on a high class Maldivian resort.

Note: We do not recommend this villa to children under 12 due to the open environment.


The beach villas are two separate pavilions that are located on white powdery sand beach and gives of a sense of tranquility and privacy like no other. It features your very own private terrace, sun deck with sun loungers and your own plunge swimming pool.


The two bedroom villas are the perfect villas for families or people traveling in groups as they are located adjoining to one another. With small tropical gardens surrounding the villas and a shared swimming pool, sun deck, and infinity pool these villas are your ideal family villa.


Situated among the treetops, these secluded luxury villas will give you a memorable experience like no other. Due to the elevation, guests are treated to the beautiful sights to the lagoon and surf, while giving them maximum privacy–the perfect island getaway.

Note: We do not recommend this villa to children under 12 due to the open environment.


Just like the name, which means pearl in the local Dhivehi language, Villa Muthee is nestled in its very own lavish and luxurious environment and truly one of a kind at the resort. This accommodation offers the finest choices of décor and gives breathtaking views to the panoramic seascape that surrounds the villa including all the luxurious amenities to make it the perfect escape from your everyday life.


This villa is the most luxurious of all the villas in the resort with its high end Asian artifacts which includes sculptures and urns from Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia on display throughout the entire building. The villa is extremely stylish and roomy and provides two spacious, high-ceiling bedrooms. It has a living room with verandas made out of timber and an air conditioned pavilions where you can enjoy round-the-clock dining. Villa Laalu is the pride jewel of the resort.





Shangri-la is a great right that reels down the reef on the east coast of the island and located right in front of the resort.  Breaks from SE- SW swells and NE Winds.


Is named after local surfer Zubair as he surfs this wave by himself most of the time as there is nowhere to stay there and a boat trip will cost around $600. The wave is near the harbor where some right handers are groomed by the SW winds.

Thundi Beach

Has some reeling rights & wedging peaks on a SE swell & SW winds. It also has a nice shorey for the grommets to play around in.

Approach Lights

Is a gnarly right hander above 6ft as the outside bombs start to heave harder and faster. Best surfed on a high tide. Approach Lights’ is located on the southern tip of Addu Atoll.

Kanda Muli

Has a few peaks that break both left and right, however, neither of them are very long. When the swell is small and the wind is from the north there will be a few surfable peaks. Unfortunately this wave does not barrel. The left gets better when the swell is more solid as it breaks off the reef creating big fast walls to rip up. Breaks best on a mid-high tide, south swell & NW winds.

Air Equator Lefts

Located on the northeast point of Meedhoo Island, this fast barreling wave was first spotted by Andy Burr, the Air Equator airline pilot. The remote location of this Left means that you can be surfing solitary barrels with just you &your mates. The wave typically ranges from 2-6ft & is best with a south swell, NW winds and handles all tides.


To the west lies Kottey which is a left that works best on  S-SE winds & a medium tide. Kottey is very consistent, powerful wave as it is wide open to the Indian Ocean. The wave breaks quickly across the reef & can get heavy. This is another wave that you may just well score with just you and your mates as it is in the southern area which is visited less frequently.


Is a left that wraps around the reef pass like a point break with 2 sections. On the outside it can dredge up and barrel, however, any S to NW wind will ruin it, Best with NE winds. The South easters also groom the fast inside walls.