Mentawais Nias North Sumatra Telos Sibon Baru (Bohemian Baru)

If you’re planning a surf trip to the the fabled Mentawai or Telos, then choosing the right surf charter with the right agency is critical. WSA and the new management of the Sibon Baru has taken the experience to a much higher standard.  She has now been refurbished with all the latest gadgets, navigation and safety equipment.

We both know fully well what can go wrong in a surf trip and more importantly what to do right.  As long-time surf adventurers to the region, we have experienced it all. When the owners of the Sibon Baru first created their own company, they vowed to guarantee their guests the signature “Sibon Experience”; That perfect adventure where they more than match your eager expectations and deliver you an unreal surf trip that is one for the books.

This vessel that is previously known as the Bohemian Baru is a 62′ aluminum catamaran that was purposely built for surf charters. Fully air conditioned for maximum comfort, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the TV/DVD/stereo entertainment system in their large saloon area. A quiet gen set provides 24-hour power with plenty of electricity plugs to charge your devices. Also no worries about strict fresh water rationing as the boat has its own new capacious water maker. The have it all.

The vessel cruises comfortably at 12 knots, which means you get to the next surf break all that much faster.  She’s extremely stable without all the annoying and often nauseating rocking you get from the ocean.

This is your perfect surf trip you have been dreaming about coming true! If you are chasing great waves, memorable & fresh delicious meals, good times with your friends then the Sibon Baru and their signature experience is exactly what your looking for.

The Four-Fold Commitments:


For each day of your trip, the Sibon crew will hunt down and get you into the best waves


Delicious, nutritious, ample meals to recharge you for the next surf session


Snorkeling, beach combing, fishing, cruising.  That’s when you’re not in the surf, of course


If things go wrong in a remote region, they can go really wrong.  For the Sibon crew, your safety is paramount at all times. So when you’re having the fun of a lifetime on the trip and in the surf, you can rest assured that you are in good, safe, reliable hands. (PS: and that’s why Travel Insurance is Mandatory for WSA, we are lucky to have hand-picked the best and most reliable charters around so we have never had a problem with any of our clients)

The Sibon Baru does exclusive charter bookings of 10-12 surfers and upon special request, they can also sleep 14 comfortably in their very spacious vessel. Guests sleep in twin bunk cabins that are fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort. There are 2 bathroom-showers on the main deck and another on the bridge with a total of 3 Bathrooms with showers. The interior saloon is very spacious and the aft cockpit and forward deck offer large shaded areas outside to relax in comfort. The Saloon is extremely spacious and fully equipped with a home theater system and AC. They have power running 24 hours everyday to make sure you have more than enough time to charge up your gadgets and devices. Very clean, comfortable, and spacious accommodation.



  • 3,200 USD/per person



12 nights / 11 days of surfing in the Mentawai or, as mentioned and arranged before hand, a trip in the Northern Sumatra region (extended trips are available by request)

  • All transfers to and from Padang airport
  • Use of tender for transfers to and from the surf & fishing
  • Use of onboard fishing & snorkeling equipment
  • Three meals per day & Non-alcoholic refreshments
  • Use of onboard entertainment systems including DVD video and stereo


  • Airline tickets
  • Fuel Surcharge (if applicable)
  • Travel Insurance (compulsory for all guests, including med-evac coverage and coverage for lost charter days)
  • Use of satellite phone (charged at applicable rates, not available on all boats)
  • Tips for the crew
  • Mentawai Surf Tax


The Sibon Baru makes sure that you will get to surf the best uncrowded waves at the right time. Although they normally operate in the Mentawais, they also can go to Nias, Hinakos, and also Telos. Either way, their expert surf guides on board will make sure that you get to surf the best possible waves everyday and make sure that their charter trip is the best charter trip you have ever been on your entire life.


Kandui Lefts

This wave is a very quick left-hander and starts working on the high tide when the swell starts hitting at 6-10 ft with a South West swell & light East-South East winds. The wave breaks for up to 300mts throwing out deep amazing barrels sections. Draw your line and hold on as you could possibly get the best barrel of your life.

Baby Kandui 

Just tucked around the corner from Kandui there is baby Kandui which is shorter, however, can be just as full on and perfect as Kandui. This turns on when Kandui is 6 ft+. The wave is better on a high tide and needs a South West swell & South winds.

A Frames

A Frames can have two sections depending on the swell and the tide. The one outside is most consistent & has fun take offs and long walls. The wave holds big and gets better when it gets more solid. When the inside bowl is working there is a nice barrel section. Works the best on a big south swell at low tide.

4 Bobs

A short and very wackable fun right-hander that breaks over a shallow sharp reef.  Needs a Northerly wind &  mid tides & 3 -5 ft. Very shallow on low tide. A great option when the everywhere is blown out by west-southwest winds.


One of the longest & most perfect rights on the planet.  Needs a big south swell and northerly winds to turn on. Best at 5-8ft with a mid-high tide.


This beautiful right just down the reef from Riffles has a fun barrel section and nice walls. It breaks on all tides on a shallow reef. Needs a small southerly swell and north winds. Great option on smaller days.

Little Nias

This fun left & right is perfect for beginners. It is good in all tides and breaks from 2-4 ft with Northerly winds.


A beautiful left hander that breaks over a pristine colourful coral reef. Breaks best when its 6-8ft & South winds. Breaks on all tides and gets very hollow on the lower tide.

Bank Vaults

This deep water heaving right hander marches straight in from the indian ocean and is best on a south swell and North winds. Breaks on all tides, however, is better with an incoming tide. It can handle 12ft+.  Great take off with a big slab section at the end.


Is the most consistant wave in the playgrounds area. It offers a nice big take off and a long wall that you can tear up down the line with a barrel section when it is small and on a low tide. Breaks on all tides the lower being better with a North wind.


When over 6 ft this wave is powerful, perfect and hollow and when it is less than 5 ft it is a nice easy wave with 2 nice barrel sections. Works on all tides, however, more hollow at low tide. Best with a North East wind and big west swell.


Is a very consistent left when there is a small southwest swell running.  It is best from 3-6 ft and is excellent for all levels of surfers. Good on all tides.


Is a very fun right hander and is best at 3-5 ft, works on all tides and it is great for all levels of surfers as the take off is easy which then leads into a nice playful wall.


Possibly the  most picturesque right-hander is in the world. It can be long and very playful and sometimes barrels when the section comes closer to the rocks on a lower tide. It is great for hacks and speed turns and is suited for all levels of surfing.  Sometimes when the winds are more east, you can go around the island where there is a fun left.


Icelands is a powerful left that can handle any size swell thrown at it and works on all tides.  The wave starts with a nice steep takeoff then can have a barrel section on the inside then a ripple bowl to lay down some heavy hacks. Can be surfed by all skill levels as the water is deep. Best with a East/South east wind.


Scarecrows has many moods depending on the swell direction and tide. This wave is very consistent as is picks up tons of swell and can handle it when it solid.  The wave is perfect for carving down the line with long ripable walls and a few barrel sections then down the end you have the “Curry Bowl” section which starts draining on low tide. The reef is fairly user friendly so can accommodate beginners to advanced. Best with a South East wind.


A very quick right which fires along a shallow reef. Best on a North east wind & a high tide.


“Teles” is one of the bests lefts around. It is not as consistent as other spots, however, with a solid South West swell and light South easterlies this wave turns into a tube machine with rippable sections along the way producing long rides up to 200 mts.

Seven Palms

It is a very fun, rippable wave that can barrel on the right conditions. Suitable to surfers of any skill level and for those chasing some deeper barrels can venture up the reef. Great option when everywhere is small. Does not handle above 6ft. Good on all tides, however, gets very shallow on the low.

Lances Left

Lances left is located at the bottom of Sipora island just around the corner from Lances Right and is very consistent. When the wind is from the East & the swell is from the South up to 3 sections can reel into the bay delivering anything from big walls to draining barrels. Works best on the Mid tide & handles as 12ft+. Getting caught inside when it is big is easy to do and surfing the wave all the way to the end to greedy’s then falling off will put you high and dry, if this happens use the keyhole out the front of the resort.

Lances Right

Lance’s Right is one of the most perfect powerful waves on the planet. When the swell is 6-8ft from the SW, light W or no wind, at least 2hrs of tide this wave turns into an insane barrel machine.  You can get barreled all the way from the office until the surgeons table. It is fairly consistent considering the swell has to wrap around the bottom of the island of Sipora. Trying to get back out when caught inside on a solid swell can be risky as you can end up high and dry on the surgeons table. Best bet is to play it safe and head towards shore over the reef and go around into the deep channel and paddle back out and have another crack.


Is a long right hander that breaks along a fringing reef with a beautiful little island as the backdrop, very picturesque. It holds 10ft+, works on all tides and needs a NE wind. Very rarely gets crowded and a great beginner wave.


Macas has been voted by many as the funnest wave in the world as it breaks perfectly along the reef delivering multiple tube & whackable sections that you can really open up on. Your surfing level will be taken to the next level when you spend time here as the wave gives you a blank canvas to fine tune your surfing. When it is 2-5ft is is very fun and playful, however, when it gets above 6ft is starts doubling up and throws out heavy barrels. Best on a SSW swell & SE wind. Breaks on all tides.

Macaronis Right

Maccas right also know as KFC’s is a great escape for those who want to surf with just a few mates and is located only 5 mins across the bay from Maccas. It is best N-NE wind & a decent S swell with a fair amount of tide to cover the sharp reef fingers that protrude on low tide.

Rags Left

Is a long left with multiple barrel sections. This was an amazing wave before the earthquake, however on a big SW swell, SE winds & a mid tide you can score some freight train rides. When the swell is massive you can backdoor some sections that open up as wide as a truck. Don’t fall on the inside section as there is a high chance you will end up high and dry and the very sharp reef.

Rags Right

Probably the shallowest and one of the gnarliest waves in the ments. This wave is best on a South swell, North winds and a mid tide. The wave reels down the reef serving you some very long quick barrels. Rags right is suited for advanced surfers and is a great spectator wave as the charter boats anchor right in the channel looking straight into the barrel.


Picks up the most swell in the entire Mentawai archipelago. It is best when it is 3-4ft with a South swell as it hugs the reef and barrels on the inside. Breaks on all tides and is best in a SE wind. Thunders maxes out at 8-10 ft. Be wary sitting on the inside when it is big as you there is a high chance that you will get caught inside.


Lightouse is a right hander and needs a solid S-SW swell as it wraps around the island and marches down the reef. This wave delivers big walls and can barrel on the inside and can also handle 10ft +. Best in a west wind and works on all tides. There is also a 45ft lighthouse that you can climb and take some amazing photos of the 360’ view. One the western side of the isldand there is a left that is fickle, however, can also be very good in a massive swell.


This wave is fickle and should only be approached by surfers that are willing to commit. For those who choose to have a crack at “The Bush” they could come away with the best tube of their life. The peak stands up like a cobra then unleashes all is fury across the shallow reef. Once you are locked into the barrel there is no escape forcing you to commit 100% all the way to the end.  You may get spit out at the end section or you may get shut down on. Works best on a South swell and North wind on a mid – high tide.



Nias is one of the best right hand waves on the planet. The wave also got better after the March 2005 earthquake as was raised slightly higher making it more hollow and break with less swell.


The peak is a consistent,  fun A-frame peak that breaks on all tides and swells. The bottom is rock and sand. Handles 8 ft+ and  has great wall sections,  barrels and a nice ramp at the end.

K-Hole/Tea Bags

A cracking right hander the breaks over shallow reef: this wave is surrounded by amazing tropical landscapes. It has long, deep, heavy barrels & can handle big swells 10ft+. Experience is required when charging this wave when it gets solid. The wave needs 4ft to turn on.

Dylan’s Right

A beautiful reeling right hand wave that breaks over a live vibrant reef.  As soon as it gets 3ft on the charts it begins the fire up serving punchy/sucking barrels. This wave is for intermediate/experienced surfers.

Dylan’s Left

The bigger the better quality. When the Swell is a straight south medium swell it turns into a fun reef break. It is not as perfect as Dylan’s right, however, still has nice long walls and is more of swell magnet.  Also a great option when Dylan’s right is onshore.


Secrets breaks for over 100mts and is a nice long right hander that barrels.  When it is breaking smaller is has 3 sections.  It is a swell magnet and breaks from 2ft-20ft.

Secrets Left

This is a heavy deep water wave breaking up to 200 meters that is across the channel from Secrets and is only a 5min drive by boat.


Is a right hand reef break that can break up to 60mts. When everywhere is maxed out Thailand’s can be head high.

Tou Tous

Is a Sandy point that breaks for about 100m.

Secret Island

A cracking right hand barrel.


Le-Ba is a beautiful right hander that peaks and runs along an island before crashing onto the reef. The wave is short, however, on a larger swell the wave will stand up and barrel. The wave accommodates all surfers from intermediate to advanced.


A right-hander that is fun and super hollow. The wave breaks over a soft coral reef producing grinding barrels. Over six foot, GT’s turns into a roaring beast. The take-off dredge’s, so make sure you dig deep to get into it early then draw your line. At 3ft it is a fun barrel.


Is a Barreling left hander that breaks over a shallow reef suited for experienced surfers.

Max’s Left

Is perfect for the intermediate to advanced surfer as it is a long rippabale long left hander that has some nice barrel sections.

Max’s Right

Max’s right can provide everything from fun rippable bowls to long barrels dependent on the swell direction.


Can be a little confusing if the swell is to big, however, when it is smaller the wave has open walls with the odd hollow one.


Schoolyard’s has a combination of 3 separate waves from a Hawaiian style sunset peak to punchy rights depending on the swell direction. The wave is a swell magnet as it open wide to any South to West swell.