Rote T-Land Resort

Named after the premiere wave of the area and located on the remote island of Rote there is no better place to immerse yourself in a surfing fantasy.

The resort, near Nembrala village, is built beach side and hidden amongst the tropical palms of this exotic island paradise. Ideally suited to surfers travelling with family and friends, this exclusive resort can accommodate between 16 and 18 people. It is built using aesthetically pleasing local methods but was engineered under the supervision of a North American team. This harmony of ancient and modern seeks to bring you a luxurious experience with your every whim taken care of.

With the ‘T-land’ and ‘Brommie’ breaks right on your doorstep and boats anchored nearby at your disposal for carrying equipment, all you need to do is roll out of bed and straight into the surf. The ‘T-land’ wave is one of the longest in Indonesia and has three sections which can accommodate all levels of wave rider. The local surfers here are very friendly and keen to impart their experience and their love of the barrelling ocean they call home.

After a hard day in the water perfecting your skills, sit and listen to the mesmerising, beating heart of the sea while feasting on the bevy of local and Western delights at the Restaurant Café. This is the perfect place to refuel and for your comfort and convenience there is also a bar where you can watch videos of the day’s surfing highlights. Special dietary requirements can be catered for but guests are kindly invited to make these known at the time of booking.

The resort offers other water based activities including snorkelling and kayaking and is presently developing kite surfing as an option. For those guests who can tear themselves away from the endless surfing action there is also a beautiful swimming pool and the possibility of visiting local villages.

This beautiful resort located right on the beach of Nembrala has 4 bungalows with 8 rooms in total. The bungalows are hand-build by local builders using materials from Rote Island itself with thatched roofing and coral-rock walls. Although the room does not have air-conditioning, the rooms are designed to maximize the perfect indoor temperature by sustaining the breezes from the nearby ocean as well as indoor fans to ensure you are fully comfortable. Each Room has its own unique décor, with Timor style antiques and gorgeous furniture’s that are made out of world-class teak.  Also, the bathrooms and terraces are located outdoors and offer breathtaking views of the ocean.


Surfer USD 175 per night
Non Surfer USD 160 per night

Note: Children between 2-11 years old sharing with two adults will be charged USD 60 per night


  • 3 Meals daily.
  • Mineral water, tea and coffee.
  • Double or twin bungalows accommodations.
  • Transportation to the port of Baá (Only minimum 6 nights two people)
  • Unlimited surf transfer to local breaks (T-Land and Bommie).
  • Local Government taxes.



Nemberala Beach is home of the very long left known as T-Land. You can score waves here up to 300m+ with 4 connecting sections with the right conditions. This wave holds 10ft+ and offers long reeling walls and barrels. When it starts to get double overhead this wave turns into a beast throwing out big barrels. Can get a bit busy, however, when it gets solid it spreads out the crowd. The low tide bombie across the channel along with the inside reef caters for beginner surfers also.


This short & intense right has a quick take-off thatbreaks over reef that ends in a deep water channel. This wave is best on the low tide, however, can break on the high tide with a decent amount of swell.


Is a cracking, powerful right hander that starts with a fast take off then lines up to a great barrel section. It breaks best on a low-mid tide with slight west wind and a solid WSW swell. If you make the effort to hit this wave early there is a high chance you will score uncrowded waves.


Suckies has other names such as Peanuts or Sucky Mamas.This right hand nugget is a short & powerful wave that has a great barrel. Breaks best on a mid-high tide, NE winds & a SW swell.


Is a left & right that breaks best when the tide ismid-high. Perfect beginner wave as it is safe & it is located at Nemberala beach.


This beautiful coastline has many other amazing waves that very few know about. As our guys know the coastline like the back of their hand they will be sure to take you on the search and share some of the empty perfection.