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“Banyak” means “many” or “plenty” in Indonesian, and when you’re surfing the Banyak Islands off Sumatra, that’s what you get, plenty of swell and plenty of world-class breaks without the Mentawai crowds. The best way to sample them? As a guest on The Dream, a purpose-built surf charter vessel specializing in the Banyak Islands.

Situated north of the Mentawais, the unspoiled Banyaks are blessed by the same Indian Ocean swells. While biggest and most consistent in the southern hemisphere winter months, there’s surf year round.  Rights and lefts, points and channels and reef bends, long barrels, ramps and walls, heavy drops and fun rollers: the Banyaks  have it all for all skills levels, in pristine tropical reef waters.

The multilingual surf guides on The Dream know the surf breaks with the knowledge you get from long experience, not just the” X that marks the spot”, but the conditions they work best in, from swell direction to wind to tide. The guides also have plenty of hush-hush spots tucked tucked up their rash guard sleeves. They’ll consult with you on the options and you decide, but one thing’s for certain. You’re not going to be wasting time chasing waves.

The Dream’s twenty-six meters long and cruises at ten knots. The long sea crossings are done at night. Dawn patrol the next morning. Stick around for a second session after breakfast or move on. That’s why you’re on a boat.  You’re not cramped on board, either. The Dream has plenty of space.  Accomodations consist of 4 large double bedrooms, a bunk-style room for four, and a special VIP room with a king-size bed for couples.  All are air-conditioned, with two bathrooms on the second deck. Stretch your feet and chill in the salon and entertainment center.   The galley serves ample and delicious meals, with three cold beers a day included in your fare. After a day of surf, hoist a cold one on the outdoor lounge deck to salute the sunset.

The boat’s capacious dinghy will zip you to the line up in no time. Or use it troll or spearfish or get dropped off for some beachcombing.

The Dream is fully equipped with all navigational and modern safety equipment.

The uncrowded warm water tropical perfection you’ve always fantasized about? Live the dream on The Dream in the Islands of Plenty.




The Dream can accommodate up to 10 guests (12 upon request) and is the perfect accommodation for a charter as it emphasizes comforts and relaxation for each guest with 4 large bedrooms equipped with twin beds for ultimate comfort, a room with bunk style beds that fits 4 passengers, and a VIP room equipped with a King Sized bed that is perfect for couples. All of the rooms are fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort for the guests.

There are two bathrooms located on the second floor of the vessel as well as an outdoor terrace which is the perfect place to relax and watch the waves. For entertainment there is a TV, DVD player, and an X box gaming system on board and don’t forget the fishing, spear fishing, and snorkeling equipment which is free for the guests to use.


2017 – 2018

Season Period Price  Min surfers
High Season April – September USD 2,600 solo surfers (P.P)
High Season April – September USD 20,000  6 surfers (Full Boat)
High Season April – September USD 23,000 8 surfers (Full Boat)
High Season April – September USD 26,000 10 surfers (Full Boat)
Low Season March, October, November USD 23,000 10 surfers (Full Boat)



• 10 FULL surfing days / 11 nights on board The Dream
• Airport transfers to and from the boat
• Photo package
• Daily 5 beers
• Soft drinks unlimited
• The dingy will bring you surfing all day.
• T-shirts or Hats



• International Flights / Flight Medan to Sibolga (return ticket USD 100)
• Excess baggage
• Hotel in Medan
• Rp 200,000 (approx. $AUD 20) per surfboard / each way. Medan – Sibolga
• Travel insurance
• Land transfers from airport to hotels (if required)

Lizards nest

A long right that can produce 10 Sec tubes when the swell is solid from the SSW. When you are there keep your eye our for the mysterious lizards nest. Best in a SSW swell, North winds & a mid-high tide.Hands up who wants to surf classic 10 second barrels? This place is just south of Palau Pinang and is a beautiful right hander. Definitely worth going to. The stories we hear and the feedback we get is seriously positive.

Treasure island

Once you roll into the easy take off this right-hander fires off down the line throwing out up to 5 barrel sections which are linked by ripable walls that run for over 250m+. Best with a solid SSW swell, NW winds and works on all tides. Inside the bay is Minis, a fun right-hander with a short barrel and rippable face, better on bigger swells.

If you are into point breaks ( and not the movie) then this is your go to surf break. It’s considered by many as one of Indonesia’s best reef breaks. You are going to love the scenery and the vibe as this place is a protected island. If you want to shred walls of up to 250 metres then this place will blow your mind.

Due to the nature and popularity of the wave this place can get busy with other charter boats when big SW swells combine with NW winds, but there so many waves here that all you need to do is be patient, wait your turn and enjoy the next 2 minutes as you rip, tear and burn down the line.


On the right swell direction Cobras can be long left hand barrel that is also a swell magnet. Great spot to go to when everywhere is small. Best with a SW swell, East winds and works on all tides. Across the channel there is Warrenswhich is a right-hand peak.


 A fun left-hand peak and a great wall that reels along the reef then onto a white sandy beach where the it is known where the turtles nest. Best with a SW swell, East winds & works on Tides.

Bay of plenty

 The Bay of Plenty has 2 lefts & a right which are very consistent.This is more of a left ( typical Indo), where you are going to get wave overkill. You will find that this place is not too crowded, which is why you are there in the first place. Go for it and rip it up!

  • Outside Left – LolokA draining left that barrels over shallow reef. The wave is on the south side of the bay and is best surfed on a high tide.
  • Outside Right – GuntursIs a right hander that barrels on the right swell direction & works on more Northerly winds
  • Inside Left – DindosIs a left hander deep inside the bay. It needs a solid swell and a mid to high tide to turn on, when it does it offers fun walls & barrels. Best with a SW swell, SE winds & a mid- high tide.


9 / 10

Alexey Wanick

Our charter to Banyaks onboard of the Dream was sick. The captain save fuel to take us to best conditions available every day and the crew were helpful. World Surf Adventures customer service was outstanding

October 8, 2016