Papua New Guinea Vanimo Surf Lodge Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Tired of all the hassle and aggro at most of the world’s surf meccas?  Want go surfing like it was in the early days, with lots of hoots and lots of smiles and lots and lots of waves?

Then you want the Vanimo Surf Lodge experience.  Located on the Pacific coast of Papua New Guinea, this unspoiled and idyllic location is perfectly situated to receive Pacific Swells pumped up during the northern hemisphere winter, stretching from May to October.  These ground swells sweep down the Pacific from all angles with nothing to block them as they slam into the region.  During these months the swell ranges from 2 foot (fun) to 10 foot (serious).

The numerous surf breaks in the region will all break on the same swell, no matter the direction, so there are plenty of options.  Directly in front of the Lodge is a Lido’s Right, a consistent right that works at size and zippers endlessly over sandy rock bottom, with back door sections that breaks to mind Australia’s famous Angourie Point.  Or try the freight train right at Log Point, or the left known as Lido’s Left.  For something mellower, try Town Beach, easy rollers over sand bottom.

And the crowds?Minimal and controlled.  The Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea has instituted a sensible policy of limiting surfers for the benefit of all.  At Vanimo, the quota is a maximum of 20 surfers spread over eight easy-access breaks.  You are often surfing with only three or four others.  The local grommets and surfers give you nothing but smiles, sharing the stoke and no stink-eye vibes. None.  You’ll be happy to pay it forward too, as your small fee of AUD $12 goes directly to local community projects.

The Vanimo Surf Lodge accommodates a maximum of 12 guests in comfortable tropical style huts.  The beach and surf is your doorstep and a pristine jungle environment is your backdrop.  The ample and delicious meals are locally sourced right off the land, featuring fish and vegetables and fruits and the occasional farmed crocodile (tastes just like chicken).  After a day of surfing Pacific juice, enjoy icy Pacific brew as you absorb a stunning Pacific sunset.

The town of Vanimo has a bank, supermarket, hospital and pharmacy, as well as a local market that is a must to visit for native handicrafts and souvenirs.

If not surfing, you want might to try fishing in a virgin coastal area teeming with sea life.  A favorite pastime of the Lodge guests is to try hand-lining out of small dugout canoes, as the locals do.  Or go hiking—local guides will take you on a two kilometer trek through the jungle to a series of delicious cool and pristine waterfalls.

Vanimo Surf Lodge puts the fun back into surfing, as it once was and as it should be.


Vanimo Surf Lodges provides you with traditional beachfront stylish huts/bungalows that are meant to blend in with the culture of the region while you escape the big city and offer you a cultural experience like no other. The huts are equipped with ceiling fans and each bed is fitted with mosquito nets that give the huts a tasteful touch. Each hut can accommodate up to 3-4 people and there is plenty of space to put your boards and gear. They are also equipped with standard Australian power plugs so you can charge your devices during the day while you are out in the waves having the time of your life.



The Surf Season on the east coast of Indonesia typically starts at from November to April and at least half of the breaks are off shore. The ‘Lido Right” is a consistent wave that is located just opposite of the lodge and is a fun and fast right hander that rarely has any crowds. The really fun “lido Left” is only a 300 meter walk from the lodge and can provide you with some awesome barreling section and rippable walls and is also has almost no crowds.

‘Waromo’ can be accessed via road or with a boat and is located 3 km west from the lodge, then you have ‘Yako’ just another kilometer away. ‘Log Point’ is also located 3 km from the lodge but towards the east. If you go further down the east there you can find ‘Town Beach’, a really fun sandy bottom break that is perfect for beginners and a great surf spot for a family learning to surf. Further east you have ‘Narimo Island’s left and right’. In between you have PNG’s ‘Jailbreak’ and there is also ‘log point’

All of these surf spots are rarely crowded and can offer you with some really epic sessions and even on good days (over 10 feet), you can still have no crowds. So if you want to surf like in the old days where there is barely any crowds, and lots of hoots, smiles and empty after empty waves then Vanimo Lodges (PNG) is where you want to be.