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An offshore breeze murmuring through the palms, a pristine golden sand beach, a glimmering blue lagoon, and a super-fun and consistent left peeling down the reef out front. Just because this sounds like a fantasy doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen for real.  Villa Santai in Nembrala, Rote Island, makes the fantasy come true.

The left, sometimes called T-land, is one of Indonesia’s most consistent waves, long and workable, surfable from 2 foot to as big as you want to ride it, and at all tides.   It’s an all-day wave for the most part.  You will have your own personal surf transfer via the Villa’s custom-built 25-foot boat that will shuttle you to and from the lineup.

The taper of the reef offers several sections of choice, from the zipper fast Point to the big drops of the Mountain.  The trade wind season of June through September provides consistent offshores.  When the wind moderates, or during the shoulder seasons, other breaks in the area fire, from Boa rights around the corner to barrels on the small fringing islands.  For a change of pace from too much surf fun, then go fishing, as the area offers some top-notch fishing grounds, from trolling to reef casting.  With decades of experience in the region; Your Manager and Surf Guide has all the spots wired, whether surfing or fishing or snorkeling, and will put you in the right spot at the right time (the use of the Villa’s boat for outer island surf and fish trips can be arranged at additional cost).

Want a break from the ocean and go exploring inland?  Hop on one of the Villa’s mountain bikes and cycle among the area’s gorgeous limestone and forested hills and through quaint villages.  The Villa can also organize motor bike and car rentals.  An AFL fan?  The Villa’s Indi Bar features a 48 inch flat screen TV screening all games telecast by the Australia plus network.

After a great day of surfing, chill out at the Indi Bar, just meters away from the water’s edge.  Enjoy one of the best sunset views of the wave peeling down the reef as you hoist a cold beer or sip a cocktail, talking story with your friends.  It doesn’t get any better than this. No wonder the Villa’s guests rave about their stays, with many repeat customers.


With its three bungalows, the Villa Santai caters to surfers, fishermen, couples, families and small groups.  “Besialu Bunglow” stuns with its 180 degree sweeping ocean view.  Wake up and check the swell from your bed.  The other two bungalows have soothing garden views.  All come with en-suite bathrooms, flat screen TV and DVD, bar fridge, fans, and built-in safe.  The Villa staff take pride in keeping your rooms immaculate and comfortable.

An awesome chef cooks up three magnificent meals a day, sourced from freshest organic sources. Many of the vegetables and herbs are grown in the Villa’s own garden.  Fresh fish is often on the menu, straight from the ocean. Local chicken and beef are free-range.  Desserts more than satisfy your sweet tooth.  Some of the Villa’s guests joke that they go surfing just to get hungry for the meals!

Besialu Bungalow

  • 180 degree, sweeping ocean views.
  •  11×4.5m with an attached indoor/outdoor bathroom and remote control ceiling fans
  • flat screen TV, DVD player, bar fridge, office chair and desk
  • built in wall safe for passports/money etc.
  • This bungalow can comfortably accommodate a couple, 3 singles or a family with one or two children

Boa Bungalow

  • Has a beautiful garden view
  • 7.5x4m with an attached bathroom
  • flat screen TV, DVD player, bar fridge
  • a built in safe for passports/money etc.
  • This bungalow can accommodate for a single, a couple or two singles

Sukinamon Bungalow

  • Has beautiful up stairs garden views
  •  8x5m with attached bathroom
  • flat screen TV, DVD player, remote control ceiling fan, air-conditioning if required
  • bar fridge and built in safe for passports/money etc.
  • This bungalow can accommodate a single a couple or two singles.



Besialu Bungalow

Occupancy Price per person
Single 120 USD
Double 90 USD
Triple 80 USD


Boa Bungalow

Occupancy Price per person
Single 110 USD
Double 80 USD


Sukinamon Bungalow

Occupancy Price per person
Single 110 USD
Double 80 USD



Destination Price per trip
Doo Island Surf Trip 1,600,000 IDR
Dana Island Surf Trip 1,600,000 IDR
Fishing Trip 700,000 IDR/Hour


  • A maximum of 7 people
  • All Equipments provided

Nembrala – T Land
The original “discovery,” a long left that wraps onto flat reef with three different sections of varying difficulty.  Not noted for its barrels, but offers fun workable walls and is one of the longest and most consistent waves in Indo.  Once it hits eight feet, though, the wave gets serious. Surfable at any size, from 2 foot to as big as it gets (+/- 15 feet), and throughout most of the tidal changes.

A right that can throw up throaty barrels, mixed with whackable walls.  Comes in hard and steep.

A thick and heavy right-hander at size and low tide, but becomes more user friendly at higher tides.

 The Bommie
On big swells, an offshore bommie will gather the swell as a large peak, the fun part being the drop.  Short and intense.

**The four little islands offshore of SW Rote have classic waves, but wind and tides play a big role in scoring.  There are also gaps and channels in the fringing reef that sometimes hold surfable waves.  Our World Surf Adventure partners can put you in the know and get you there.

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