Warframe is a free-to-play fast-paced co-op shooter.

Top 5 Primary Weapons to make Steel Path Easy in Warframe 2022

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The AOE nerfs are here and have been for a while now, singe target weapons have gotten buffs aswell.These 5 weapons are amazing weapons in Warframe for Steel Path and can be used against Archons and Acolytes! Calling all Gamers: Dive into jungle strike cheats online for an unforgettable adventure!
If you want to find out what the weapons are watch and find out 🙂

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00:00 – 02:03 Intro & Setup
02:03 – 05:23 Number 5
05:23 – 08:58 Number 4
08:58 – 11:57 Number 3
11:57 – 15:11 Number 2
15:11 – 16:40 Honorable Mentions
16:40 – 19:54 Number 1

WARFRAME: 10 TIPS I wish I knew BEFORE I started…

In this Warframe Beginners Guide I give you 10 important Tips and Tricks on how to start out your Warframe journey.
How to get free premium items? Faster leveling? Modding? We will take a look at all these topics to give you the best start you can have.
This video is inspired by YouTubers like KnightmareFrame, TheKengineer and GrindHardSquad

Warframe Market: https://warframe.market/
Warframe Wiki: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki

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► Chapters:
0:00​ – Intro
0:24 – Manage Platinum properly
3:58 – When to do what and where…
5:36​ – Free premium Items
7:45 – Fast leveling
9:50 – obtain Items passively
11:20 – great Lore!
12:34 – get new Equipment
14:44 – The Modding System
15:44 – manage Endo efficiently
18:42 – Warframe is a lot!

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Warframe in 2022

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Warframe is a free to play third person multiplayer sci fi action RPG in which you play as an alien space ninja known as the Tenno who use biomechanical suits of armor called “Warframes”
In this game you travel throughout galaxy protecting innocents and keeping the balance by fighting back a number of warring factions such as the Grineer, Corpus, Infestation and Sentients.
Along the way you’ll craft new weapons, obtain new Warframes and install mods to become more powerful take on increasingly difficult challenges.
In terms of gameplay, you’ve got 3 weapons, each Warframe has 4 unique abilities and you’re able to flip, slide and spin throughout the environment at blistering pace like a true ninja.
The last time I covered Warframe on the channel was a few years ago now so a lot has changed, at the time of recording this video Warframe is sitting at Mostly Negative reviews down from its usual overwhelmingly positive.
From what I can gather this is due to an unpopular ammo update that nerfed all guns so people can’t AFK farm anymore, after reading through the reddit and negative steam reviews I’m still confused by the situation, apparently before the update Chinese gold farmers would equip an AOE weapon and shoot a wall to afk and boost accounts, apparently, they can’t now, idk
Regardless today I’ll be starting fresh to see if Warframe is still fun in 2022.

What do you think about Warframe in 2022? is the game still worth playing despite the recent negative review situation or is that just a vocal minority? let me know in the comments below!

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Warframe 2022 Steam Description

Confront warring factions throughout a sprawling interplanetary system as you follow the guidance of the mysterious Lotus and level up your Warframe, build an Arsenal of destructive firepower, and realize your true potential across massive open worlds in this thrilling, genre-defining third-person combat experience.

Enter your Warframe: a bio-metal suit of untold power. Unleash its Abilities and wield a vast array of devastating weaponry to effortlessly annihilate hordes of enemies on sight. And when the slaughter is over, you can earn or instantly unlock 40+ different Warframes – each with a unique suite of powers – to re-experience the mayhem any way you want.

Form a Squad with your friends and earn valuable bonus Rewards when you complete Missions together via highly collaborative, co-op gameplay. Utilize your Warframe’s Abilities to heal allies, redirect enemy fire, and achieve your objectives. Stuck on a particular challenge? In-game matchmaking makes it easy to connect with friendly Tenno whenever you need an extra hand.

Deftly maneuver through ground-based Missions with your Warframe’s mesmerizing parkour skills, or take to the stars and engage in massive ship-to-ship battles in your very own customizable spacecraft. Lose yourself within mysterious open-world landscapes and discover a system teeming with fascinating lifeforms – both friendly and hostile.

Marvel at the sweeping history of the Origin System as you experience Warframe’s massive cinematic narrative spanning 5 separate expansions and 30+ story-based Quests. Discover the power within and experience your first taste of invincibility with one of three original Warframes before you begin your journey, develop your skills and seek out the truth behind your awakening.

Entering the Origin System means joining legions of friendly Tenno, each with their own personalized Warframes, Weapons and gear. With a staggering number of Customization options available to enhance your Loadout

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Warframe in 2022


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