Best Halo Games: Ranking The Mainline Series

Best Halo Games: Ranking The Mainline Series

Microsoft’s crown jewel series has seen a number of installments over the years, but which games are the best? Let’s break it down.

Worst to Best: Halo Games (Tier List)

Despite being a major fan of PlayStation. I have enough respect to the Halo franchise to share my personal ranking of all the games in this series that I have personally played. Rediscover the thrill of old-school gaming – play Atomic Runner online.
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Ranking every single Halo Main Menu From Worst To Best

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Every single Halo game has had it’s own main menu, for better or for worse. So it’s time to rank every single Halo game by their main menu and figure out what makes for a S tier menu and what makes for a F tier menu.

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Ranking Every Halo Game from WORST to BEST

Ranking Every Halo Game – WORST TO BEST
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Ranking Every Halo Game – WORST TO BEST


Which Halo Has The BEST Campaign?! – The Act Man

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With Halo: Infinite far off in the horizon, it’s time to answer the age-old question: Which Halo Has The BEST Campaign?! I’ll be judging them from a set of categories and the rankings given reflect how good/bad they are within the context of the Halo franchise. TIME TO FINISH THE FIGHT!!

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Introduction – 0:00
Halo: CE – 2:19
Halo 2 – 6:20
Halo 3 – 11:19
Halo 3 ODST – 14:45
Halo: Reach – 17:50
Halo 4 – 22:01
Halo 5: Guardians – 25:53
Final Rankings – 29:43

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