Next Overwatch Comic Is About Zarya; See A Preview Here

Next Overwatch Comic Is About Zarya; See A Preview Here

Issue 15 will focus on Zarya, Sombra, and the role omnics play in Overwatch’s world.

Does Zarya Need a Nerf in Overwatch 2?

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Overwatch Animated Comic | Zarya Searching #15 | Zarya, Sombra

Overwatch Animated Comic | Zarya Searching #15
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ZARYA CARRY VOD Review as EX TOP 100 (Overwatch 2 Zarya)

Zarya is currently one of the BEST tank picks in Overwatch 2 after her recent buffs! I have over 260 hours on Zarya and peaked in top 100 in Overwatch.

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0:00 Intro clips
0:34 Best Zarya Maps
1:09 ROUND 1 Start
12:51 ROUND 2 Start
17:23 Final Zarya Tips

0.4 @ 800 DPI

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NEW Overwatch 2 PATCH DELETES Genji and Zarya + Dva, Sombra, Kiriko NERFS (INSANE)

Genji is NERFED HARD, and Dva gets such a tiny nerf.
SOL is still BROKEN but no nerf? What are your thoughts?

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